TBM defended the foundations of the church of St. Xavier

At the site of the Jesuit church of St. Xavier commercial company "Servalyuks" was going to build a homestead. Rebelled against the activists of the TBM. They demanded that the authorities of the public debate on the subject, whether they want to see in the Mogilev center of the city, modern building, or detuned Kamenica church. Today the city council decided to reject "Servalyuksu" in carrying out project work.

Chairman of the Mogilev organization of the Company BeloRussian language Oleg Diachkov:

"When they began to protest, many officials, architects, even public figures said it was a waste of time, because all have been decided. But we took a chance and asked the public. Around our business has teamed up lots of people. As far as is known, in Mogilev all matters related to buildings, settled behind the scenes. We also managed to defend the monument before its destruction. The next step may be discussed that at all in Mogilev can rebuild, and the concept of the historical center of the city by enlisting the public. "

Church of St. Xavier destroyed in the 60-ies of the last century. It was erected in 1725 near the royal gate. According to the authorities of the Russian Empire exiled Jesuits from Belarus in the thirties of the nineteenth century, the church gave the Orthodox faithful. They added two at a Catholic shrine faceted dome and gave it a new name — the Church of the Resurrection.

Next to the church was the hotel "Paris". Its building is also destroyed.

Now, the sanctuary and the hotel — a wasteland. From the previous area, where there was a church, leaving only the building Drama and residential building is fenced off St. Stanislaus.



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