TF-X. The worlds first flying car from the company Terrafugia!

Company Terrafugia introduced around the world a unique device called TF-X. This is nothing like the world's first flying car!

Just do not open your eyes wide and mouth when suddenly will see a flying car. This unusual car was presented by the company Terrafugia, based in the U.S. state of Massachusetts. The semi-autonomous flying vehicle called TF-X. It is expected that the range of this concept car is about 800 kilometers. The car is equipped with gas turbines, electric motors and hybrid propulsion.

Flying car will be a hard, fast and roomy as when driving, and in flight, according to its producers.

Looks auto TF-X as follows:

Currently, TF-X concept car is already built and runs all kinds of road and flight tests. The company Terrafugia plans to sell its unusual car for the price of 279,000 U.S. dollars.

In order to accelerate the vehicle space required about 30 meters in diameter. However, despite all this, the driver will not be difficult to find a good parking spot in the parking lot and landed smoothly on it. As they say, from a height of more visible!



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