Than like astronomy and astrology?

One of the most controversial science today, perhaps, is astrology. On the one hand, each person who declares himself a modern astrologer, says that he can with the help of the heavenly bodies to look into the future and explain the mysteries of the past, but on the other hand, astrology is a science that does not have such fundamentals as the same mathematics or chemistry.

This provides food for many talk about astrology as people who are guided by a little transparent in explaining the laws of certain astrological predictions and horoscopes.

There are even more specific section of astrology, which uses more and magical series of form and the knowledge to create some common basis for determining what will happen in the future. And often experts will try to hold some kind of correction of the future through such tricks as the spell, the removal of the evil eye, the removal of the crown of celibacy, and more.

One of the sections is the so-called astrology natal astrology. This branch of science is associated with the fact that the astrologer, gathering information about the moment of birth, is preparing a thorough analysis of these data and tries to predict on the basis of what awaits a person throughout his life. There are specific natal chart, which are prepared by experienced astrologers. They look like some kind of program that is properly run once, and then she gives the result to look into the future. This is similar to what they do to determine the processes of evolution of stars astronomers. They rely on information about the birth of stars, use the chart "Spectrum-luminosity" and with this data set the pace of evolution of stars and what the end of the evolution of the celestial body.

In particular, this method allows astronomers to determine the possibility that our star (the sun) in a few billion years to lose its outer shell, which primarily will be largely due to inflated production of nuclear fuel, which is now in the solar interior. After the loss of the outer shell of our star will become the size is not larger than the Earth and the solar system to become a cold and lifeless world. It would seem that such information is akin to astrological predictions, but it unites two disciplines that allow to rely on a primary basis, and then to deduce the laws of the future.

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