The all-seeing eye of the Russian intelligence

Concern "Radio-electronic technology" (KRET) specializes in the development and manufacture of electronic warfare, aircraft instruments and avionics, as well as instrumentation for various purposes. It was created in 2009, brings together more than fifty enterprises of electronic industry in Russia and is rightly considered one of the most successful "daughters" of the State Corporation Rostekhnadzor.

At the board meeting KRET summed up the work in 2012. Key financial figures holding up compared to the previous year: sales increased by 15.9% and amounted to 75.9 billion rubles, net profit has increased by 12% and is equal to 5,000,000,000 rubles. One reason for the revenue growth is the increase in volume of the state defense order (SDO). As part of the SDO in 2012, revenues increased to 42.3% from 31.8% in 2011.
In the structure of revenues KRET share of sales systems and avionics systems was 64.1%, systems, and electronic warfare — 15.26%, and the state system of radar identification — 7.18%, detachable electric connectors and cables — 9.1%, instrumentation — 4.36%.

The ratio of military and civilian products KRET is 70% and 30%, respectively. It is planned to increase the share of civilian products by 10%.

The commercial success of concern as reflected positively on the financial well-being of its employees, and the revenues to the budget. The average salary in KRET grew by more than 13% — to 24.3 thousand rubles, and output per worker — almost 17.4% to 1.15 million. Income taxes paid to the state holding company, was in 2012 one billion rubles, and the VAT — about 3.5 billion rubles.

KRET is the only unit Rostekhnadzor, which sent shares of specialized enterprises. In addition, the Group buys stocks profiled companies on their own, at their own expense. Given this increase in turnover, the plan to increase the revenue of the holding from 75.9 billion last year to 200 billion rubles by 2020 is entirely feasible.

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