The Americans began to build shelters, hangars. What are they afraid of?

Houston. Dome-shaped hangars — evidence of impending disaster appeared in Houston. According to the manufacturers, they will be able to withstand hurricane-force winds with speeds of over 250 miles / hr New shelter will cost taxpayers more than $ 50 per square. ft.

The budget allocated to the National Agency of the United States of Emergency (FEMA) for the construction of "Shelter disaster" in the Houston area is the sum of 50 million dollars. According to the manufacturer, (ABC Domes based out of Sealy — Division of Golden Sands General Contracting out of Miami) spaces are "almost impenetrable."

The company is developing these types of shelters for decades.

In addition, the government proposes to take over 75% of the costs for the construction of structures larger than 2,000 square feet. One such "Shelter disaster" will cost about $ 1 million.

Interestingly, the reports describing the reasons for the construction of objects differ. Some say that the domes are created to protect citizens from hurricanes, while others say that FEMA will be stored in the "dome" their equipment.

However, local residents are asking themselves: "If what FEMA will store the equipment in the" domes "- is true, then why is this happening now?

There is another interesting aspect of construction. Population surprise excessive fencing facilities, as well as additional security measures that were taken to protect the area around the construction site for the "domes".

Texas. Also received a report on the construction of the new structure, an area of 33,000 square feet in Texas.

Teams work indoors in shifts, reinforcing the structure of iron and concrete. This fortress, according to some sources will not be able to destroy even the U.S. Air Force. The locals call the building "This is Area 52." As the curious keep away from him.

The dome area of 33,000 square feet has emerged as a blister on the prairie, and looks like a work of art.
According to some data will be stored inside the dome generators, trucks, communications equipment and a lot of accessories for repair. They will wait for the moment when they will be sent on request at the time of occurrence of catastrophic situations (hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, earthquakes, etc.).
In the event of an alarm will be posted here and working, ready for action as soon as conditions permit.

The domes are made of special materials, reinforced with steel, heavy-duty concrete and other complex in composition and manufacturing of parts.



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