The Arkhangelsk region have banned the cutting of trees near a spring

 Ministry of Natural Resources and the forest industry (PBL) has approved the Arkhangelsk region developed jointly with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia guidelines for conservation, prohibiting cutting down old-growth trees in the region, as well as the trees around the springs, on the outskirts of the marshes and stands, reports WWF Russia.

"Often the woodland, where clear-cutting was carried out, becomes a naked lifeless wasteland. Correct, environmentally conscious selection of key habitats (areas that are important for the conservation of ecosystems and biodiversity — Ed.) Will help to maintain a significant proportion of species diversity of forest ecosystems, with exclusion from economic activity relatively small in land area of the forest "- quoted in the message words lecturer of botany and general ecology of the Northern Arctic Federal University (Safa) Elena Ray.

According to the report, Russian law requires to maintain biodiversity, but today in Russia is underdeveloped legal framework of forestry, lack of teaching materials in the field.

The experts made a list of the main objects of biodiversity of forest ecosystems in the region, which should remain in the challenge and the development of cutting areas. These objects include, for example, forest areas around springs and temporary (ephemeral) streams, forest on rock streams and rocky outcrops, edges of swamps, of old-growth trees, snags, high stumps, trees with nests and hollow, rare trees and others.

At the same time, the data on detected objects biodiversity will be entered into the process map and incorporated in the cutting area. Experts have prepared a sample flow chart, which also approved the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry of the Arkhangelsk region.

"Guidelines and flow charts not only take into account the requirements of Russian legislation and voluntary forest certification by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). In the Arkhangelsk region of almost all large enterprises are certified FSC and annually some companies decide to start preparing for forest certification. For which such recommendations are particularly important to help fulfill the requirements of the standard, find common ground with workers forestry and environmental organizations "- quoted in the message words of the head of the Arkhangelsk branch of WWF Andrew Shegolev.

On the basis of the adopted recommendations Arkhangelsk branch of WWF plans to prepare and publish an illustrated booklet that will help foresters in practice to select and save important biodiversity sites.

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council, FSC) — an international non-profit organization in the field of standardization and certification of forest management and operations in more than hundred countries. FSC logo on wood or a product made from it — an indication that the product is made of wood, which is environmentally and socially responsible forestry. At present, Russia FSC certified over 30 million hectares of forest, which is the fifth part of the Russian forest areas that are in the lease.

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