The authorities have recognized the fair displeasure

In the Minsk City Executive Committee held a meeting with individual entrepreneurs market "Robin" and the leadership of JV "AlvikapitalInvest." During the meeting, the leadership of the market instructed to revoke the notice of termination of contracts with the tenants of shopping places and is recommended to perform the previous agreement.

It happened after, as at its meeting on June 7 individual entrepreneurs working at the Minsk market, "robin", decided to hold a token strike on June 15.

Minsk City Council makes further steps to resolve the conflict between tenants market "Robin" and its owner "AlvikapitalInvest," BelTA.

The conflict was the result of decisions taken by the owner of the market to terminate the lease agreements with employers in connection with the planned reconstruction of the market. The situation is from January of this year. Minsk City Executive Committee has repeatedly held meetings with stakeholders. In January, an agreement was reached with the tenants and the owner that leases can be terminated only after, as the City Council decides the reconstruction of the market.

However, the "AlvikapitalInvest" unilaterally violated the agreement and in June sent a message to entrepreneurs to terminate the lease on July 4, which caused dissatisfaction among the tenants.

Entrepreneurs themselves have so far declined to comment, citing the lack of documentation about the decisions taken by the authorities.

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