The Botanical Garden of Tver disappeared rare frogs

Marsh Frog omnivorous, unpretentious to changes in temperature, are used for medicinal purposes. The Botanical Garden of Tver State University, this kind of lived 130 years, survived two wars, and before testing, discharges from sewage pipes was helpless. The pond was killed several dozen individuals.

Botanical garden pond to get more of the merchant fleet. After the restoration of every summer, it is covered with a green carpet — duckweed. Now, instead of vegetation brown goo that bubbles and smells bad. Of living creatures were only grape snails and three domestic ducks. Carp and a rare species of frogs have disappeared.

Director of the Botanical Garden Naumtsev Yuri says, "The fish and frogs died. We caught them here in the heat, because of the young visitors would not have survived."

Drain sewers was already the tenth. Previously, workers were struggling with garden dirt on their own, turned to "Water", the Department of Natural Resources and Environment. But the emissions of waste water is repeated. After the last release was lost and livestock, and a few trees. Manual Botanical Garden turned into environmental prosecutor's office. Now on this fact checks.

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