The camera Pavel Vinogradov prisoners sleep in shifts

In the Frunze district court in Minsk will be judged spokesman Andrei Sannikov's campaign headquarters Olesya Otroshchenkov. This was reported by his wife Darya Korsak referring to the lawyer:

"As it turned out, it's already hit the Frunze court. The well-known name of the judge — is Charkova Tatiana, but when the process starts, is still unknown. The lawyer was seen with Ales February 3, when finished acquainted with the case. "

Ales Otroshchenkov accused of involvement in the baspadarkah December 19. He faces up to eight years in prison. It is known that Ales pleaded not guilty.

Today Darya Korsak received a letter from her husband. He describes the order in the chamber: Products that receive the prisoners, they add up and divide equally. "This helps maintain a good relationship between the inmates that the prison is extremely important," — says the wife.

Submitted to the court and the criminal case against another participant in the events of 19 May — Dmitry Medvedev. The journalists said his wife Tatiana. At the end of the investigation allowed Tatiana meeting with her husband in custody Valadarski Street.

"My husband believes that all will end well and he will soon return home," — said the wife of Dmitry Medvedev, who is also accused of involvement in the riots. Day trial of the bear has not yet been appointed.

In the Monday, February 21, will study the case Nikita Lihavida, youth activist who was first held in Zhodino jail before being transferred to the "Volodarka." This was reported by the mother of political prisoner Helena.

According to the lawyer Nikita Lihavida, his case may be referred to the court as early as violent and then at the beginning of March the court.

Together with Nikita Lihavidam to "Volodarka" hold activist of "Tell the Truth" Pavel Vinogradov. In a letter home to Paul recently reported that they have the camera on more than 20 prisoners only half of the beds, so you have to sleep in shifts. The lawyer is trying to achieve a change in the measure of restraint for Paul on his own recognizance, said his father activist Yuri Vinogradov.

"I'm tired of waiting for it. The lawyer said that we should take the characteristic and a certificate from the place where he lives. It is necessary to change the measure of restraint. "

InVladimir Neklyaeva, Andrei Sannikov, Statkevich andAles Mikhalevich case without significant changes: now there was no information about investigations with their participation. Observers do not rule out that the trials of ex-presidential candidates will begin after the ordinary processes take place in the events of December 19.



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