The choice is clear — composite materials for emergency rehabilitation of bridges and road construction

Bridge builders are sounding the alarm. Deterioration of a large number of bridges in Russia has reached the extent possible. And experts portend the collapse of the infrastructure from the beginning of the 2000s. To help the road builders and bridge builders rush to innovative technology. In the last five years in the global construction industry is actively used the system of external carbon fiber reinforcement. It is a simple and reliable method for enhancing the engineering designs, cost more advantageous than traditional methods.


Innovative technology for repair of bridges and scope of practice of the Russian bridge-builders. Eloquent proof of that is the Saratov region. The Governor of the Saratov region Pavel Ipatov ordered to develop a regional program of renovation fund infrastructure polymer composite materials based on carbon fiber. "Application uglekompozitov in construction allows multiple increase the strength of the bridge structure, increasing their load-bearing capacity"- Said the expert in the development of HC" Composite " Guzel Afanasyev.

Pavel Ipatov identified several areas of application uglekompozitov in the Saratov region, "emergency reconstruction of bridges, repair of buildings of public importance, road construction. " Reliance led the region gained impressive results uglekompozitami emergency repairs to the bridge Tatishchev Saratov region.


Incidentally, Sergei Kiriyenko — Rosatom head during a performance at the January meeting of the Commission for Modernisation and Technological Development of the Russian president cited this project as a positive example of the use of polymer composite materials.

Rebuilt bridge built in 1950. Over the years of its operation capacity decreased from 40 to 20 tons, it recognized emergency. Defects standard — chipped concrete, corrosion of reinforcement, deep cracks. Return the original bridge load rating, and as quickly as possible to put into operation — it seemed an impossible task if the application of traditional technologies. Therefore, structural engineering systems strengthened external reinforcement carbon ribbons.
Repair took only two weeks. And the results, meanwhile, has exceeded all expectations, the capacity of the bridge was twice as high — design 80 t As confirmed by instrumental tests carried out according to standard procedures. An innovative solution was profitable and investment.


Another promising area of application uglekompozitov — roads. The main reasons for poor quality of road surface: difficult climatic conditions, failure of technology in the manufacture and installation, poor quality of road construction materials, especially bitumen. "If the impact on the first reason we can not, then the second and third — a must"- Says Michael Kaziev, Specialist JSC "Holding Company" Composite ". According to him, of modern technology, there are three main ones. The use of polymer-bitumen binders (PBB), rubber-bitumen binders (RBV) and stone mastic asphalt (SMA). Each of them is unique. At the same time, there is a huge technological and financial separation of these technologies on the basis of conventional asphalt concrete type A, B, C. "If you instruct the contractor, which produces and puts only asphalt grades B or B to move, such as SMA — this, at least, will cause technical difficulties associated with the production and styling, and an increase in the cost of works"- Explains Michael Kaziev. The question arises: "How to improve the quality of conventional asphalt concrete, without significant cost"? In part, according to Michael Kazieva, this problem is solved by the simple introduction of a special mixture of asphalt concrete reinforcing PAN fiber (fiber length special 6,00-12,00 mm). Advanced technology is applicable to any conventional coating plant, on the already standard recipes mix and even change the styling process.

Simply providing a mixture of PAN fibers, says Michael Kaziev, increases its strength by more than 30%, fracture and sdvigoustoychivost more than 15%. This decreases the rate of gauge factor of 1.5. Such an increase in the indicators of quality of traditional technologies to achieve is not easy. Either due to a sharp increase in the cost, either through a thorough modernization. "For the use of special PAN fibers neither the first nor the second one does not need, and the price for the final product will remain close to the standard", — Says Mikhail Kaziev. With all the alternatives opt innovative technologies is obvious.

Source: Journal "Highways» № 9 (958) September, 2011

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