The cholera epidemic in the Dominican Republic do not subside

The cholera epidemic in the Dominican Republic do not subside

CARACAS, July 9. / Itar-Tass Sereda /. The number of inhabitants of the Dominican Republic who died of cholera, to 71. According to the Ministry of Health of the Caribbean islands, the number of people who have died from suspected cholera since November last year was 174 people, but only 71 cases of suspicion was confirmed.

The number of inhabitants of the Dominican Republic, had been ill with cholera in the current epidemic has exceeded 1,600 people and the total number of patients with suspected disease of this dangerous disease, was close to 11 thousand Only during this week doctors registered in the country of more than a thousand patients with suspected disease cholera, 9 of them died. However, local experts regard as a wave of cholera "epidemic of low intensity", while calling people not to reduce vigilance and strictly adhere to a set of preventive measures to comply with the strict standards of personal hygiene and consume only proven safe drinking water.

Cholera came to the Dominican Republic from neighboring Haiti, where in October last year to June of the current was found almost 350 thousand cases. More than 5.5 thousand Haitians died in the epidemic. United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti recently had to refute the information that are under her troops are responsible for a cholera epidemic in Caribbean islands. "You can not blame the appearance of cholera in Haiti, one person or a group of people," said a representative of the Mission Sylvie van den Vildenberg. She said the cause of the epidemic was "a combination of a series of circumstances."

Comment came after a U.S. report was made public, stating that Vibrio cholera epidemic in Haiti has caused, is identical to the one they found in Nepal. The composition of the military contingent of the UN Mission for Stabilization in Haiti includes Nepalese soldiers, moreover, they arrived in the country just last October, when actually started an epidemic. Haitians living in the vicinity of the location of the Nepalese contingent, have long accused the soldiers that they brought cholera to their country and have repeatedly staged demonstrations to protest against their presence.


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