The dotted line Ales Ryazanov on stage Philharmonic

February 17 in the Small Hall of Gregory Screens Belarusian State Philharmonic will premiere of "phantom". On the works of Ales Ryazanov performance is a one-man show, "Znich." On the eve of the final rehearsal of "phantom" correspondent visited Liberty.

The idea of the play and the author of the script belongs to an art instructor for the theater "Znich" Galina Diaghilev. Of the many innovative genres Ales Ryazanov she chose versety and dashes.

The cast two actors — the very Galina Diaghilev and Vladimir Rogovtsov. They read the dotted lines and versety Ales Ryazanov for baroque music. For her performance picked up and adapted pianist Natalia Sazanovich and tsimbalistkoy Tatiana SHumakova. Their duet becomes the third player in this poetic and musical plays.

Was present at the rehearsal and the action of actors and musicians on stage closely followed by the theatrical works. Seen and heard Ales Ryazanov approved:

Art encroaches on the impossible. And the reviews of this is impossible, I heard they were present.

"They sounded, raised, carried on the scene texts that I myself almost never read aloud. And for me it is the first impression that they — sound."

Teatralizavats, decorating, so to speak, complex philosophical poems of the famous poet — a risky business. For the external effect can be lost are the works that when reading alone is not always perceived the reader from the first. Ales Ryazanov grandly theatrical appreciated.

"They say politics — is the art of the possible. But the art itself, it encroaches on the impossible. And the reviews of this is impossible as I heard they were present, they vvidavochnivalisya."

Start the premiere of "dotted line" in the Small Hall of the Belarusian State Philharmonic Gregory screens today at the 19th.

Galina Diaghilev, chairwoman of the art of theater "Znich"

Ales Ryazanov

pianist Natalia Sazanovich and tsimbalistkoy Tatiana SHumakova

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