The electorate will run with Forks ask back to socialism

The Company will also be abolished Ministry zhyleva utility, which after the reduction of the number of employees by 50 per cent will be part of the Ministry of Construction and Architecture as a department. Does not mean the planned measures real reform in public services? Can the current government committed to cutting the state apparatus? On These questions responsible economist Michael Zaleski.

Tsigankov: Mean increase in payment by the population that the government is just going to raise prices? Or it will be combined with the reform of public utilities, which will raise the efficiency of this area?

Zaleski: When I worked at the Institute of Economics, it was in 1997, we have developed out of 100-percent payment up to the year 2000. 13 years have passed, and in the end we replace those now pay 37 percent of the thirtieth And so it goes — one step forward, two steps back.

Imagine, do this now 60-percent payment. Where to get to our average earnings? Fly into the pipe — with buckwheat and eggs. The electorate will run with Forks ask back into socialism. This should be the government? No unnecessary.

Tsigankov: Also on December 16 it was announced that the ministry will be abolished zhyleva and utilities, which, after reduction of the 50 percent will go to the Ministry of Construction and Architecture as a department. When it comes to reducing the state apparatus, the problem is that after a while he samadanavlyaetstsa. Therefore, experts have pointed out that we need to cut, not human beings function. Does the transfer of functions to another ministry, that a real reduction will not happen?

Zaleski: Will not occur. When I was little, my dad as an agronomist went to the Ministry of Agriculture. And I remember him saying that the ministry employed 300 people, it was in 1960. Now the management of the economy in one of the ministry or three hundred and twentieth same will and the Department of Housing.

Moreover, if you look at today's government documents, then this department will be entrusted with the control that the correct prices are set to be introduced standard and excessive use of housing services. Listen, who coined the norm for me? I may want to have in my apartment was 40 degrees, and someone needs to fourteenth I remember that the Communists-post has always been a small payment for housing. So they will remain the same ministries, who will feed these ZHREO and ZhESy.


Housing, housing

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