The fight with the wolves should be expelled from the Russian state program — WWF

Destruction of wolves in Russia should not become part of the national policy on the regulation of game animals and should be removed from the state program for restoration of natural resources until 2020, RIA Novosti said the director of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia Igor Chestin.

The state program "Reproduction and use of natural resources" for 2013-2020 years, developed by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. Total funding of the state program is supposed to 3.628 trillion rubles. Consideration of the draft state program is expected at a cabinet meeting on 28 February. The program, in particular, provides for the abolition of bonus hunting wolves to increase the number of ungulates.

"The fight with the wolf is devoid of any scientific basis, and to do this predator of some officials can be compared with hatred Sharikova for cats. Another issue that the wolf is easy to write off huge amounts of money on helicopters and awards. During Soviet times walking joke of a report chairman of a collective farm, like hell wolves killed a three sheep and dragged 10 sacks feed "- said Chestin.

According to the expert, the wolf — not the main reason for the low number of hunting animals in Russia. The basic reason must recognize the widespread and massive poaching. If in this state program declares that illegal mining is almost equal to the animals officially extracted, then, according to WWF, in some regions of Russia, this figure is several times higher.

"Examination of the destruction or reduction of the wolf as a state task looks ridiculous, as well as discussion of a return to the use of poisons and loops, first destroying rare and game animals. But regulation is permissible number of wolves in areas with developed cattle breeding, and should be done by themselves Shepherds Permitted ", — he said.

Foreign experience

According to the Fund, the Nordic countries, the wolf was nearly destroyed in the XVIII-XIX centuries, but today, on the contrary, he is protected. Suffice it to say that it was on the initiative of the European wolf was added to the Annex to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora in Endangered Species (CITES). Moreover, now unfolding in Sweden program on "freshening" of the blood wolf population, which is planned delivery of several dozen animals from Russia.

"In the U.S. and Canada that are closer to the natural conditions of Russia in the last century also was an active struggle with the wolf, making its numbers have declined. However, from the middle of the last century, the payment of premiums for the production of a wolf in these countries has been discontinued because it did not provide sustained reduction in its numbers, even with huge costs. Conducting public destruction programs wolf also often been justified with either biological or economic points of view, "- say environmentalists.

As has been repeatedly shown biologists wolves, their destruction only artificially provoked reproduction. Destroyed mostly young inexperienced animals, prompting their parents once again to acquire offspring, say in the fund.

According to the WWF, now in Canada, the territory of which is about 10 million square kilometers, inhabited by 50-60 thousand wolves, while in Russia, occupying 17 million square kilometers — a maximum of 50,000. The density of ungulates in Canada several times higher than in Russia, and the wolf in a number of provinces are protected, and in others is a common view, along with hunting ungulates.

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