The first week of the fall in the CFD will be rainy for Atlantic cyclone

Weather the first week of autumn on the whole European territory of Russia will determine the Atlantic cyclone, which will bring to the region little rain and a slight cooling, the report said meteorologist Russia.

As noted by department, Fall "stake a claim at the center of European Russia": last weekend the average temperature in most areas behind the norm by 3-5 degrees, and in Yaroslavl, Kostroma and Moscow regions, on Sunday night was weak frosts.

"The main conductor weather in central European Russia this week will be an active Atlantic cyclone, which arose on the eve of Iceland, and its complex frontal system. Cyclone gradually moving to the north-east along the Norwegian Sea in the direction of the Barents Sea. Dynamic impulse will give former Atlantic cyclone Hurricane "Kirk", which has already poured in the main cyclone, "- said the agency.

On Monday of the CFD were in the warm sector of the cyclone, the day in some places it may take a little intermittent rain and daytime temperatures rise to 15-22 degrees. Tuesday also possible rain, the day temperature will reach 14-20 degrees.

"On Wednesday, the probability of rain is small, look out the sun and the air will warm — up to 17-22 degrees. On Thursday, the air is also good warmed up, 16-22 degrees in the afternoon, but the rain will be more," — according to meteorologists.

On Friday night the territory of the district to the north-west to south-east to cross the cold atmospheric front cyclone, whose center is moved to the west in the Barents Sea. In the area of the front will be sunny.

"During the day they will stop, but will not be warmer than 12-19 degrees. Distribution in the district of colder air masses from the north-west will continue until the weekend. Prevailing night temperature 11.4 C at night, 10-17 degrees, which is lower rates by about two degrees, "- said the weather center.

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