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Now many people are vibrating in 4th density, have passed through the portal of the third density as a result of the practice of meditation. If you are sufficiently relax the mind, consciousness movement stops, and you walk into the portal.

First sign may be partial, but with practice you will find that your whole being shifted to 4th density. Real pass through the portal includes a quantum leap, but in this world, it seems, everything is done gradually. In other words, some cells mutate into vibration 4th density faster than others, but in fact it is an illusion. There is a critical mass that occurs at the cellular level. When a sufficient number of cells aligned (or adjustable) with 4th density, is a quantum leap, and the whole body vibrates in 4th density.

Such an experience of consciousness usually occurs in the form of "aha!" Or satori and begins to strengthen you in the spiritual path. For a few moments you will have contacts with the higher planes and instant understanding of the unity of all life. At this point you become conscious creators who live in the vibration of 4 th density (though some of you are still in vibration 3rd density).
Dear Creators, remember all the words used here — only approximations. Please do not "hang" on the idea that you have to vibrate at one or another level. These topics are given to a reasonable mind could catch something during the shift. Caution: the reality is beyond words.

Those who have some time vibrated in 4th density, consciously preparing to ascend to the fifth density. To do this consciously, should be removed from the mind of duality. This means that when you look at the quality, commonly called light and dark, good and evil, positive and negative, should only see the contrasts, not judgment. Consciousness 5th density sees divinity in all things, without judgment. The fastest way to prepare the consciousness to 5th density — to let go of all judgment, and compared to the binding of duality.

Split in humanity

Now you already know that not all souls on Earth will pass through a portal to the fifth dimension. In fact, when the Earth closer to the portal, most people either razvoplotitsya or will move to the state of the 4th dimension. They will not vibrate at a sufficiently high speed to move immediately to the fifth density. The earth itself will pass through the portal so as to become a planet fourth density, existing in a state of 4D universe. To adequately explain the interaction of the third, 4th and 5th dimensions to each other and completely describe the vibration shower third, fourth and fifth densities involved in galactic shift would require detailed, complex schemes and accurate mathematics. To alleviate most of the readers, we are not going to explain this stuff with the help of mathematics.

Scenario unfolding on Earth

Many entities, now embodied in the world, were once part of the civilizations of Mars and Maldek. They are strongly influenced Orions, including tips Rigel and Betelgeuse. You will find that many of the Orions in the world are made in the old way and reflect their behavior on Mars and Maldek.

Maldek ceased to exist almost completely destroyed the atmosphere of Mars. Coming situation on the Earth would be much less severe than Maldek and Mars. The worst-case scenario, based on the projections of the time lines that we can see — about 80% of your population razvoplotitsya and go somewhere else. Generally, this happens due to the fact that you usually call "failure immune system." This means that the three-dimensional body inhabited by souls no longer protected from the environment, will not effectively combat invading organisms and cease to function for those who choose to move in this direction.

How changes affect human consciousness

Human beings (and all life forms the second and third density) largely have an electromagnetic nature. Electromagnetic force — one of the most important basic forces of nature to the human life form. It has important effects on the physical, emotional, mental and astral levels of the soul. The electromagnetic force is formed in what is commonly called the essential dimension or ethers. What was called "dark energy" and "dark matter" — in fact, distortions in the continuum of space-time caused by the influences of essential areas of the physical. That's why your measurement of time and space errors. That's why your tools calculate the duration of one cycle of the galactic 227 th million years instead of 216. Even though you have considered gravitational fluctuations, including the curvature of space and time (according to Einstein's general relativity), you missed fluctuations of electromagnetic fields that occur due to encroachment on the physical etheric realm.

The greatest specific changes that you can expect to see while moving to the galactic shift associated with a mutation in the cells of people and destruction technologies. They will be caused not only by changes in the Earth, its climate, seasons, and so on, but also significant changes in the Sun.

Let us briefly consider three scenarios or three ways, which will be the most dominant time-lines, waiting for you in the future. These timelines are:

1. Scenario 3rd density

Consciousness of third density can be described as "all, as always." Soul of the Earth trying to pretend that everything is as it was, no need to really change, grow and develop. Essentially, even the traditional three-dimensional scientists can see: if you choose this path, it will be by the misery and destruction. Eventually fossil fuels dwindle, and the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased to such an extent that the Earth's atmosphere will be the same as that of Venus, but not so hot and poisonous . Therefore, the souls who refuse to grow and change, or pretend that they do not need to grow and change, lose their body. Unfortunately, in the world live from 3/5 to 4/5 of these souls.

Should understand that the majority of those who care about the future, say the next 25 years — those who are now very hard to live in physical bodies. May choose to leave the children that are on the brink of starvation in some countries, and many of those who lost their illusions, but can not see a way to take a higher truth. They will co-create a way to leave the Earth.

Souls who leave the Earth in the next 25 years, will leave as a result of war, famine, disease, and find themselves in situations tsunamis, earthquakes and climatic hazards. To varying degrees, this will occur in the next 25-30 years, the time line of the earth.
This is not to say that after 2030 the world will not three-dimensional television. Of course, the world will remain three-dimensional heart, but remain only a small part of the population is now living. It will be the soul seeking to move into fourth density and with contracts souls remain on Earth for as long as they do not commit the transition to 4th density. They — the exception rather than the rule.

The current world population (beginning in 2007) — about 6.8 billion people. According to our estimates, in 2030 after your population will be about 1.5 billion people. Almost all of the souls left on Earth will vibrate in 4th density. Most of the departed souls will be three-dimensional live on other planets, more appropriate to their level of vibration. The rest will go to the human form of the fourth density.

This information is available in many sources of your world, it continuously transmit star groups, including the Galactic Confederacy. So we are not going to give her more time.

2. Scenario 4th density.

Those who are able to withstand the change in frequency, but can not pass completely through the star gate in the fifth dimension, will be in 4th density — density of thought and time. Essentially 4th density in the continuum of space-time 4D life will seem like living in a third density, except for the fact that the souls see themselves conscious creators, and this consciousness will create an appropriate sense of reality.

They learn to create from the center of your being outside, and the world that they see — an enlightened paradise, reflecting a higher state of consciousness. This is the "golden age" of which many have said your prophets.

People fourth density, remaining on Earth will create self-sufficient spiritual community of the world in safe areas of the Earth, where they will bloom and flourish. They created what the Hopi call the "fifth world" (first world — Pangea, second — Lemuria, the third — Atlantis, the fourth — quickly rolling current civilization in decline.) The number of souls who chose the path 4 th density, 1-2 billion people.

3. Scenario fifth density.

Those who manage to completely go into the fifth dimension, will study the Earth's version of the 5th dimension. Like you, the Earth — a multidimensional being of light, which manifests itself as a planet, not a humanoid or a star. Its dominant frequency will be shifted out of third density in fourth. Therefore pass through the Ascension, in essence, become creatures fifth-density living in the world of 4th density, or, let's say there 5th density living in the fourth dimension. At the same time, they will have the ability to explore the Earth's version of the 5th dimension.

As creatures of the fifth-density living in the fourth dimension of space-time, you will have certain advantages over the existing fourth-density living in the fourth dimension. While they will still grow old, die, and again and again, as embodied beings 4th density as long as ascend and come out of the wheel of reincarnation, you'll be in the immortal crystalline light bodies. For a while, you'll be visible to people the fourth density, but gradually increase the frequency enough to become invisible even to 4th density. Then you will be able to communicate only clairvoyants and telepaths "golden age."

As teachers 5th density, you will teach and guide the leaders of the world 4th density by the spirit of love and compassion. Also, you'll interact with the enlightened extraterrestrials who openly come to the Earth plane. Many aliens, is now helping the Earth, is vibrating in the fourth and fifth densities. After the shift they will be easier to interact with people of the Earth. Number of souls who choose timeline 5th density — 10-30 million people.

Sal Rachel — Earth Changes and 2012

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