The geostationary satellite Electro-L took the passage of the solar eclipse at high speed shooting

On request bloggers and users of VKontakte, Roscosmos, as the creator, and RosHydromet in using satellite "Electro-L" changed the mode of operation of the vehicle and removed the solar eclipse in Australia in an accelerated mode.

Author treatment Vitaly Egorov. not so long ago with the help of internet users has found on Mars, the Soviet automatic station "Mars-3", lost more than 40 years ago, says of this survey on the popular Internet site:

"No one seems to believe that this is real — to persuade the Federal Space Agency to do something similar to ordinary Internet users. Himself I figured it would be more difficult than to ask NASA to photograph Mars, and the success hoped for, but, frankly, did not believe . But it happened! Immediately, two research groups have prepared us for the results night shooting companion. During the eclipse, the Australian office space on duty reinforced the change, and in fact it was the night after the holiday on May 9. Finished photos onOpen FTPloaded twice as fast as during normal operation. And it did not take three pictures, as erroneouslywrittenRIA-Novosti, but seven — every 15 minutes, starting from 0:55. There was even one ten-minute interval.


Annular solar eclipse of May 10, 2013 in the initial stage took place on the territory of Australia. This site came into the view of the Russian weather satellite "Electro-L", which is located in a constant point in the geostationary orbit.

Spacecraft removes the surface of the Earth once every 30 minutes for the past two years. We asked at the time of the eclipse Roscosmos doubled the rate of capture. And, surprisingly, it was done: Animation created by a scientific teamSIC "Planet"(Large size 6 mb)

Of course, in this case pictures — not the most important thing. The main purpose of our request — to show the Russian Space Agency and all officials of the Russian science and space, the Internet — is an important and useful tool of communication with the citizens of the country, for which, in the end all of science is being done. And we, as ordinary Internet users, who want us to actively shared successes in space exploration, research universe and often went to the dialogue. I think, at least in part, this goal is achieved. So now, we can enjoy the fruits of their efforts and enjoy the lunar shadow running through Australia, which removed the "Electro-L" at twice the frequency, because we simply asked for.

The diagram displays the path of the lunar shadow on the Earth. On GIFCA we see that shadow that falls within the field of view of the satellite as it passes through Australia.

Video explanations eclipse geometry from different angles:

The process of making a decision to change the operation of the satellite was not easy. The work of the spacecraft is planned for the month, soour request, set out a week before the event, and even on holidays, is clearly behind schedule. Unfortunately I still can not list all the people who called, wrote, formal and informal letters, urged, begged, offered … Many, many employees NTs OMZ Lavochkin SA Lavochkin Research Center "Planeta", even SAI, CMP "Electro-L", and maybe even public institutions, helped to bring our request to the top of the administrative ladder and convince the authorities that it is the right thing, and then implement it. I'll try to find out the contribution of each member of this complex process, and talk about these "soldier of the front space," unless, of course, they will not mind. I think it will detective story pohlesche searches Mars-3.

I also tried my hand at image processing (video at the beginning of the post). And wallpaper — 1940 * 1200, 1940 * 1080.

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