The head of the Supreme Court stated the reduction in the number of corruption cases

In Russia, gradually reducing the number of convictions for corruption, said Tuesday the head of the Supreme Court Vyacheslav Lebedev, speaking at a seminar-meeting of judges in Moscow.

Thus, according to him, in 2010, were convicted for corruption 10,000 people in 2011 — 7500, and in 2012 — 5500 people.

"At the same practices and penalties for bribery has changed due to the amendments to the law, in particular, the addition of multiple bribe fine", — said Lebedev, transfers RIA "Novosti".

According to him, the number of fines in such cases has increased dramatically from 12% to 70%, and 60% of the defendants were appointed probation.

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The head of the Russian Armed Forces said that is still the most favorable areas for corruption are health, education and the prison system.

He also denied that the crimes in the field of entrepreneurship in Russia convicted 300,000 people. "This is evidence of crimes against property, entrepreneurs also condemned the 2000", — said the head of the Armed Forces.

In this case, Lebedev said that in sentencing businessmen caught in corruption trials showed fairly liberal approach, and probation "escaped" 42% of the defendants.

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