The landing of the Philippines

Naumen Russian company signed its first contract to supply software for the call center in the Philippines. Announced that with the help of Russian software will be automated 100 jobs of Magellan Solutions — Philippine outsourcing call center, which has a total of 600 seats operators and serves clients from the UK, New Zealand and Australia.

Now Philippines — the fastest-growing global market call centers. In the past year, they have overtaken traditional leader in this area — India. This is the trend of recent years — the world's major companies (banks, insurance companies, online shopping, etc.). Prefer to open call centers are not in India, namely the Philippines.

Market participants say that India played a bad joke is not always docile national character — Indians by nature are quick-tempered and impatient. And they do not always work out in detail to explain some old lady from the UK, as she, say, make a purchase of bed linen from the online store.

Inhabitants of the Philippines are more patient, to the same people there are a whole lot better speak English.

Participate in the growth market of call centers in the country and aims to come based in Yekaterinburg Russian company Naumen, which is now successfully creates IT solutions for a variety of businesses.

In Naumen annual Philippine market of outsourcing call centers is estimated at 13 billion dollars. Of these, 90 million — the amount of the software market for call centers. According to Kirill Varlamov, director general of the company, in the near future Naumen quite able to take about 15% of the market of software for call centers in the country.

To bring to market the Philippines Naumen company has created a separate brand called Noda. Its creators are counting on the success of the Russian software, which has a number of key competitive advantages. In particular, Russian programmers have created more efficient than the competition, subsystem quality assessment (quality-management), which makes it possible to more accurately measure and monitor the work of operators.

The Russian company has also applied the interesting decision to create a so-called integrated operator workstations where an employee call center can be seen in a single window on the screen with all the necessary information for dialogue and thus faster interacts with the client. All works in this scenario: the call center receives a call, for example, from the technical support of satellite television broadcaster. And on the monitor at the operator immediately available tips: how to tune the antenna, how to pay the bill for the connection, and so on.

Separate pride Naumen — the mixing of inbound and outbound call flows, which greatly optimizes the performance of operators that can not only serve incoming calls, but also to ring up customers, informing them, for example, about the new services. Headache all call centers — how to predict the number of agents involved in a particular time. To, say, at the peak of calls in the evening or on the eve of an important football match was enough staff able to answer questions on the same satellite television.

Sometimes, however, the situation is unpredictable: the number of incoming calls can suddenly increase, and there is a danger that some of the calls remain unanswered. The Russian IT-system is able to respond flexibly to increase the load at peak times it can redistribute incoming calls to operators engaged in outbound dialing, there and then outputting them to monitor possible scenarios for discussion. (Outgoing telephone calls can wait, more importantly respond to the client.)

According to the Naumen, now the company is gaining Filipino engineers who will deal with tech support customers and partners. At the same time worked out several other transactions, and in the course of this year Naumen expects to realize a number of projects.

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