The military program Sladkova Alexander (151 — 158 series) watch online

"The military program," Alexander Sladkova (151 - 158 series) watch online
The database applets — author's story with a dash of situations in which the characters were applets, historical and factual references that give the viewer a more "volume" to make heroes. Any programm contains stories about people in uniform with all their advantages, shortcomings, victories and defeats.
Attention is given to military education, issues of recruitment and manning the army. In the program are used as unique shooting from the personal archives of military personnel, and operational Chronicle survey.
Are special inserts that provide some information on how these issues are dealt with in other armies of the world, the tactical and technical data weapons, curious facts.

151. Military programm Alexander Sladkova (efir_10.08.2013)
In this issue: "The armed forces of Zimbabwe (2)"
Alexandra trip Sladkova in Africa, the Republic of Zimbabwe and familiarity with the best warriors of this continent — continued …

152. Military programm Alexander Sladkova (efir_31.08.2013)
In this issue: "449 th salute battalion"
In this issue, Alexander Sladkov say about the only in Russia 449th separate Western military salute battalion neighborhood. His slogan — accuracy, safety and beauty. This military unit provides the celebrations in the capital, for example, such as defender of the Fatherland day, a day of victory.
Few probably know that now, "picture" of the coming festive fireworks is calculated by a computer. A particular example program takes into account all: the number of charges, their caliber, color, effect, they create in the sky. Only later do salutes loading installations.
The crew "Military applets" watched from beginning to end, how to prepare and a gala fireworks.

153. Military programm Alexander Sladkova (efir_07.09.2013)
In this issue: "The North Caucasus. Ingushetia."
The North Caucasus. Ingushetia. For many years, there is a struggle with militant groups that hinder the enforcement of bold economic projects, the establishment of peace and tranquility in the country. In the end — inconstancy, to overcome that two years back in Ingushetia were thrown all the power.
Who else can not be insured against unexpected attacks by bandits, but in the country minimized the terrorist threat to the population. This in an exclusive interview with "Military program there," said the acting head of Ingushetia, Yunus-Bek Yevkurov. He agreed to answer all the pressing issues relating to the current situation in the country.

154. Military programm Alexander Sladkova (efir_14.09.2013)
In this release"Special issue"
Experienced sailors they say: sailboat — a measure of solvency of the country. If it can allow yourself to have a huge, expensive training sailboats means may contain a powerful military fleet. And if there are no ships, and that the desire to have a fleet can only wish.
Within 14 months, "Military programm" followed the circumnavigation of the barque "Sedov". Film crews were on board at the various steps of this unique and is known in the history of sailing trip.
Barque "Sedov" is listed in the Guinness Record Book of Records as the most tremendous educational sailing vessel, passing the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans, finished his round the world voyage in July this year in St. Petersburg. Back — up 47 thousand nautical miles. "Sedov" visited 32 ports of 24 countries in Europe, America, Asia and Africa. Four times crossed the equator, the famous rounded Cape Horn and the Cape of Good Hope.
Four-masted giant in this circumnavigation, besides training, completed yet another important goal — showed the world the power of our great country. But, in contrast to the harsh military ships, made it perfectly and sympathetic.

155. Military programm Alexander Sladkova (efir_21.09.2013)
In this release"The war in the countryside of Syria"
Syria. Reports of continuing in this Arab country for more than a 2-year armed confrontation between the government and opposition do not go to the tapes of global news agencies. Official Damascus once emphasized that struggles with international terrorist groups that receive support from abroad. The war that is now going on the ground of Syria, has its own characteristics. About them in this edition of "Military applets" says Alexander sweet, not too long ago worked with his own crew in a combat zone.

156. Military programm Alexander Sladkova (efir_28.09.2013)
In this issue: "Special Issue"
The hero of this issue — a veteran of the second World War, Vladimir Kuts Terent'evich.
In 1942, when he was 14 years old, he was stolen from the Poltava region in Germany. Volodya was bailed out by death only that it resulted in laborers for the German landowner — "Grossbauern." When a village in the foothills of the German Alps were South American troops, Volodya had time to warn them of the ambush patrol head, prepared for the Yankees German troops. Americans have taken it with him. So he began his 17 years Willie Kutsom — mnogokalibernogo shooter gun, "Browning" in the 4th Infantry Division of the United States. With fights Vladimir Kuts was part of West Germany and in the spring of '45 was at the Enns river, where the unit in which he served, he met with Russian troops. Vladimir immediately said to his vorachivaetsya — Russian. In the Red Army he was treated with great intrigued — and he became a counter-intelligence 5th Guards Airborne Division. With Russian paratroopers on the river Enns produced border controls, making special reconnaissance tasks.
Now Terent'evich Vladimir Kuts — now the only surviving veterans of the second World War, who fought against fascism in the 2-armies — Russian and American.

157. Military programm Alexander Sladkova (efir_05.10.2013)
In this issue: "Special issue"
In this issue, Alexander Sladkov say about the exercises of the Collective Rapid Response Forces CSTO "Interaction-2013".
Took part in the exercise group and the operational troops of the armed forces of Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Tajikistan.
plan teaching in one of the CSTO member states took destabilization caused by the intensification of subversive groups, international terrorist organizations and mercenary organizations. The Collective Security Treaty Organization, it was decided to provide this state of military and military-technical assistance.
On the territory of Belarus, CSTO Collective Rapid Reaction Force units performed practical tasks at the military airport "Bobruisk" on the range "Osipovichsky." Servicemen deblocked airfield had storm structure and freed the hostages. As units of multinational group made the protection of fundamental municipal facilities, conducted reconnaissance, conducted a search of illegal armed groups, organized the ambush.

158. Military programm Alexander Sladkova (Efir_12.10.2013)
In this issue: "Special Issue"
In this release, the story of a complex fate veteran fighting in the North Caucasus, cavalier 2-Courage awards Andrew Savenkov.
For the first time in the lens of the crew foreman reconnaissance Sladkova Alexander Savenkov fell during the storming of the Community Fri Bamut the spring of 1995, where he was severely wounded. After — infirmary, disability, dismissal of the special forces, trying to do your business and your personal life. All the while, "Military programm" followed the successes of Savenkov and misery, and now have the opportunity to behold as a war hero than live now.

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