The Ministry of Justice has again shown their lawyers place

Chairman of the Minsk City Bar Alexander Pylchanka excluded from the Qualification Commission for advocacy.

This is done on the position order of the Minister of Justice, told Interfax, the press service of the Ministry.

Earlier Pylchanka expressed concern that the Ministry of Justice annulled the licenses to some Ming lawyer and intention of the Ministry to develop new rules for lawyers ethics.

"The situation is critical, it threatens the independence of the legal profession. We plan to convene a special gathering to discuss what's going on" — said earlier Pylchanka.

"The mechanism of the termination of the licenses of lawyers without a thorough investigation, which was tested in the country today, be dependent of all lawyers from the Ministry of Justice," — said the Chairman of the Minsk City Bar Association.

Pylchanka stressed that the involvement of a lawyer under the law to justice — it is the prerogative of the Bar. In this case, the decision to stop the licenses of the Ministry of Justice decided, without considering the opinion of lawyer self.

"This is an unacceptable situation. Topics more than that by two lawyers — Vladimir Toustsik and Tamara Garaevoy — was checked and we were informed that from them no violations there, "- said Pylchanka.

The Ministry of Justice of Belarus has deprived a number of licenses of lawyers who defended the accused in the case of Delhi on December 19.

Licenses were denied:

  • Oleg Agueyev, a former lawyer of the former presidential candidate, the candidate Ales Mikhalevich
  • Tatiana Ageev
  • Vladimir Toustsik, a former lawyer journalist Irina Khalip
  • Tamara Garaeva, a former lawyer Khalip.

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