The most vulnerable marine mammals of the Russian Federation is the bowhead whale

The most vulnerable and few views of marine mammals in Russia include bowhead whales, which remain in the Okhotsk Sea, about two hundred, the expert said the UN Development Programme (UNDP) Vasily Spiridonov.

Day to protect marine mammals and whales Day is celebrated on February 19 in 1986, when, after 200 years of ruthless extermination of the International Whale Commission (IWC) imposed a ban on whaling. Currently only allowed aboriginal fishing these mammals exclusively to meet the needs of indigenous people, as well as catch whales for scientific purposes by permission of the Government members of ICC.

"If we use as a criterion for the number of vulnerabilities, the bowhead whale is the smallest population of Okhotsk. This is a completely separate population, many of them remained difficult to say for sure, probably of the order of 200 individuals, nobody ever really could not find" — said Spiridonov reporters at UN House .

He noted that the population is at risk because of their small size, and not because of any specific reasons.

Bowhead whale is a long-lived, many individuals live more than a hundred or even two hundred years. This is the only baleen whales spend their entire lives in polar waters. According to available data, the population of bowhead whales in late August makes migration from the northern part of the Sea of Okhotsk in the south-western part and runs along the northern part of the West Kamchatka shelf.

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