The number came down to the Transkei avalanches in winter has increased 30 times

 More than 120 avalanches descended into North Ossetia Trans-Caucasian highway connecting Russia and South Ossetia since the early period of avalanches in the winter season 2012-2013, which is ten times more than last season, told RIA Novosti spokesperson for North GUMCHS Julia Starchenko Ossetia.

According to her, on Wednesday to assess the avalanche activity in the highlands of the Republic MOE specialists together with the rescuers and members of the North Caucasus militant of the active influence on hydrometeorological processes make a helicopter circled over the most dangerous mountain areas in the Transcaucasian highway.

Starchenko clarified that the helicopter was provided to monitor FSS Border in North Ossetia. Circled over the territory held Alagir District, where two avalanche site.

"Rather, it is a 28-kilometer stretch from the village to the north portal Buron Roki tunnel, there are 234 avalanche chamber. This 172 of them directly threatened and can create snowdrifts on the road," — she said.

GUMCHS representative drew attention to the fact that eight of the 28 miles are the most dangerous, since they account for about 100 avalanche centers, directly threatening the road. Their density is 12 avalanche centers per linear kilometer.

The second site is located in avalanche Tseyskom gorge near the cable car ski resort "Tsey."

Eighth of December powerful avalanche descended on the military unit, is located at the northern portal Roki tunnel near the Transcaucasian highway, and pulled down the generator.

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