The opinion of the psychologist: And Lyalikav and Romanchuk suffer

Society, "I believe that the Lyalikav, and Romanchuk suffering that they both experienced a lot of stress and a strong impact on their mental state. "This is the opinion Ph.D. Catherine Ageenkava. to the range of issues dealt with by the Minsk psychologist includes, in particular, psyhasamatyka (the influence of psychological factors on physical illness) and methods of mental manipulation.

At the request of "Freedom" Catherine Ageenkava on the basis of the open letter, which is written on our radio Grodno University Associate Professor Alexander Lyalikav, and performances by BT presidential candidate Yaroslav Romanchuk was trying to determine the psychological state of the people whose names have recently caused the most lively response from the online community.

The scheme of psychological pressure is evident. He was forced to act like that, and he feels some suffering from the fact that he condemns himself.

Unlike many who are "in bad situations begins to look bad people", specialists in the field of psychology are trying to find the factors that make the ordinary and friendly people to do unexpected things. Looking for an answer to the question of why a person as in the case of Lyalikavym, mentally going through a difficult events that have already occurred, psychologists are turning to the theory of cognitive dissonance, developed in the late 1950s by American scientist Leon Festyngeram. Its essence is that the normal average citizen lives predictable, and therefore avoids the internal dissonance and doubt. Indeed question makes revise their own picture world, creates uncertainty, and that, in turn, — anxiety, feeling of incomplete life.

Analyzing the letter in which assistant professor of the University of Grodno Alexander Lyalikav describes his experience of the person who had the experience of questioning by the KGB, Catherine Ageenkava also uses this concept — the cognitive dissonance.

If you continue to maintain the state of the internal analytical rumination in connection with what has happened, there may be a neurotic and symptamatyka.

Ageenkava"I see here experiences such existential moments of meaning, what is called" cognitive dissonance "if circumstances force some people to behave inappropriately own values. In this case the person is experiencing stress. Fact, as stated in the letter, and that there is described — a classic manipulation. scheme of psychological pressure is evident. They made him act like that, and he feels some pain. He suffers not from the condemnation of others, and from what judge himself. But that's okay, it was would be worse if he did not feel anything. This person has serious human feelings. "

"Freedom"'Do you see this person in a position of some signs psyhasamatychnyh disorders? "

Ageenkava"If you continue to maintain a state of internal analytical rumination, feelings for what happened, then it may appear neurotic symptamatyka. It can become neurotic. I do not mean the consumer, and medical meaning of" nevroz "which is included in the international classifications diseases. This is when the person finds it difficult to carry himself when he is uncomfortable with his own thoughts. And then it may occur at the level of somatic symptamatyka

From what I've seen on TV, it is clear that he is suffering. This is evidenced by non-verbal signs — such as some body gestures, posture.

various functional disorders. But, as I understand, this man received support from relatives, and he felt better. In the specific case of someone's support, talk with someone enough. And, of course, it is felt that the person has gone through quite a lot of stress. "

"Freedom"" And if you take the story with presidential candidate Yaroslav Romanchuk? As we can tell, he is after talking with the KGB during the night of December 19 and 20 changed their settings. It's been two months after his speech at BT, but visitors to various opposition websites have continued to respond to the identity of the policy severely emotionally. In this sense, a very interesting word Romanchuk time on-line conference at "Liberty." He was asked about the speech on television, and he said something like this: you do not pay attention to what I was saying, and as I said. What are your impressions of that performance? "

Ageenkava"You know, I try a lot of things did not look at the world around us there are certain things that I personally unpleasant. From what I caught a glimpse on TV, for example, neverbaliku — some body gestures, posture, shoulders, torso appropriate tilt forward , also the voice in which there is no certainty — the impression is that it says something not in accordance with their beliefs. neverbalika All his testimony to this.

He can remain experts, analysts, but that's his own man, a tribune, which can lead something — not likely.

Psychologically, this scene is not doing a very good impression. In this case, I look at him as someone who needs psychological support. Another thing is that this could make it a variety of circumstances, including his personal life. Of course, could push could stipulate perhaps he did not understand why he went to all this, possibly before the end was not sure of myself, and then everything is turned. No one here knows anything. Should I discuss it all so look for a bad man in bad circumstances? Also, as I understand it, he did not push himself as a candidate for the presidency. I believe that its nominees faster relied on his intelligence or human, but not zmagarskiya quality. There is a certain selection problem. "

Freedom"You feel that it is now very difficult psychologically among former party colleagues, opposition politicians. Nevertheless, he does not hide, not gone anywhere and seems set to remain in politics …"

Ageenkava"As the saying goes, God help you. I'd like to avoid any personal assessments, I recall in this connection the words of one of the Soviet film heroine:" You're a good man. but not an eagle! "

Also recall election and the election campaign. One of my friends really supported him and was delighted with him as a person, and the other — by the way, my colleague, is also a psychologist — said: "You see what he is president? His external attributes padatlivastsi. Course, this is a clever man, intellectual, however, appears on its face, such a policy may trample, including his own.'ve got to be stronger. "

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