The President said when the end of the world

In response to a half-joking questions from journalists, Putin admitted that the subordinates are afraid to tell him jokes. However, the timing of doomsday yet told. However, he rejected the idea that a big press conference was specially appointed to December 20 — the day that precedes December 21.

"Putin has called for a press conference the day before the end of the world, because he wants to take stock of all mankind," — said the president of one of those jokes journalist Life News.

Putin admitted that he knows when the end of the world. "After 4.5 years milliarada — he said the crowd. — Because the cycle of functioning of our luminaries — the Sun appears to be about 7 billion years, and we are now at about the middle of the cycle."

"Just" reactor "goes out, it will be the end of the world. But this much is going to happen to our sun — it will turn into a small white dwarf. Though life had already finished, so why be afraid of it if it is inevitable?" — Asked Putin responded rhetorically.

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