The pressure before the courts on December 19

Ex-presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov was questioned in the presence of a lawyer. KGB refused to give a written response to the complaint the mother of Paul Sevyarinets Tatiana Seviarynets. The human rights activist Ales Bialiatski said on the eve of the pressure vessels for December 19.

Andrei Sannikov

Examination took place on February 16 Andrei Sannikov, Ex-presidential candidate, who is accused of involvement in the organization of mass riots on December 19 and held in a KGB prison. During the interrogation, lawyer present Paul Sapelka. On the current date with the defendant Sapelka Paul says nothing, as on previous, citing the secrecy of the investigation. On the state of health of the defendant's lawyer said: "In matters of health I am not an expert or anything I can not speak."

Andrei Sannikov's mother Alla evening did not know the outcome of the meeting with the son of a lawyer. "He did not even advanivsya — said Alla Sannikov and connected it with the pressure on lawyers.

"They have nothing to tell. Pressure on these lawyers — and here lawlessness, and what can you do? "

Tatiana Seviarynets

Mother of inmate Paul Sevyarinets Tatiana month ago filed a complaint with the prosecutor's office that her son was not allowed to see a lawyer. Paul is in the "American girl" from December 19, the 29th he was accused of involvement in the riots, but since then — no investigative action involving a lawyer and a meeting with a lawyer kanfedytsyynyya prohibited. Tatiana Seviarynets received a letter from the prosecutor that her complaint is forwarded to the KGB. February 16 complaints regarding the woman called the KGB.

"And this officer says to me that the writing will not answer me. I ask, why? And we will not, that's all. I told him that I need to have a written answer, because I'm going to file them in court. Serve anywhere — we will not all! "

A KGB officer, who called Tatiana Seviarynets, refused to give his name.

Ales Bialiatski

February 16 heads of the human rights center "Viasna" Ales Bialiatski was summoned to the prosecutor's office and warned about criminal responsibility for participation in an unregistered organization — "Spring" has no official status. According to Ales Bialiatski, there is a connection between this warning and actions on December 19, which will start from tomorrow to listen to the courts:

"Showed me a reprint from the site of" Spring ", a commentary, reviews. Even sure that this is related to the litigation with the assessment of the judiciary in these processes. Including the assessment of the Ministry of Justice in these matters. "

Christopher Zhelyapau

Around noon on February 16 in Vitebsk several KGB came to the decision to search the house number 5 on the street 1st Syanno. In this house, where Vitebsk activists are organizing public events, was Christopher Zhelyapau, trustee Alexei Mikhalevich and Vitebsk coordinator of the "For Freedom" movement, as well as activist Valery Petrov.

Mr. Zhelyapau on the 11th hour of the morning was summoned for questioning by the Vitebsk Regional Directorate of the KGB. From there on an official car, he was brought to the search. Christopher Zhelyapau — the owner of a private house, which houses the "European club". There are training workshops, meetings with representatives of the creative intelligentsia and other activities.

Vladimir Kochegurov

BCD activist Vladimir Kochegurov today received a notice that says that tomorrow he must go to the KGB Novogrudskii area as a witness in the case of the events on December 19 in Minsk. After Vladimir Square Kachaguru three times summoned to the police, but there he never walked. Later Novogrudskiy court convicted him for it at 200,000 rubles fine.


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