The process of gradual ascension

In the article Steve Bekova "Death of a progressive and rapid ascension" discusses the differences in the perception of what will happen December 21, 2012, the data in the messages of Matthew Ward and SaLuSa messages and the Archangel Michael.

There are also differences in information from other sources, which may suggest that the planetary changes will not occur for many years after 2012. Steve Bekov not consider information that the rapture will not occur until 2016 or even 2050, he sees the message that the ascension process is started or will culminate Dec. 21, 2012.

Representation of these two groups can be described "progressive" vs. "rapid."

At first glance, Matthew is considered a "gradual" process, and then be submitted to the views of the "rapid" Ascension.

In February 2009, Matthew said that by the end of 2012 all the darkness go away from the planet. My own understanding: Entering the fourth dimension will bring an end to all the darkness.

"Ascension of the Earth — the process of world transformation and spiritual renewal, which will allow her to rise from the third dimension, and continue in the Golden Era — lasts about seventy years in linear time, and by the end of your calendar year 2012, the darkness which flourished for thousands of years, will disappear in all its perverse manifestations "(Epistle Matthew Ward, 7.02.2009).

In September of that year, he said that on December 21 will not be the final event, which somehow always ends the process of change and development.

"The arrival of the sensational date December 21, 2012, does not mean that mankind will enter the age of the Earth to bring about stability. The only constant in the universe — a change! Not only is an amazing development will continue in all areas of your world, but also the spiritual and intellectual, you will continue to grow for many physical lives, some of them in worlds where life is even higher than the splendor of the Golden Age of the Earth. " (Message Matthew Ward, 21.09.2009)

This is a standard application of the process of spiritual development. In fact, we are actually going to progress through the higher dimensions of spiritual growth on the way back to God. («Spiritual Evolution: The Divine Plan for Life», «The Divine Plan for Life is Spiritual Evolution»)

February 14, 2010, Matthew said that people will not disappear from their lives on 21 December. This statement contradicts what Archangel Michael said, because it assumes that those who ascend, virtually disappear from the third dimension, at least. (We'll get to that in a later part of this article.) I, with some caution, quoting Matthew appeal on this.

"December 21, 2012 or on any other day does not happen that you'll be standing next to two people, and in front of your eyes, they will disappear of its own" life. " Even the usual date of December 31, 2012 will look very much like the previous and following days, except for New Year celebrations. The differences between this life and the life in the golden era are amazing and wonderful, but life will not change dramatically from one day to the next, as the Earth continues its journey through fourth density into fifth. " (Message Matthew Ward, 14.02.2010)

This could be considered a statement about the gradual ascension: "Even a common date of December 31, 2012 will look very much like the previous and following days. … Life will not change dramatically from one day to the next, as the Earth continues its journey through fourth density into fifth. "

Then Matthew says: "Clearly, there is a lot of speculation about what will happen at the end of 2012. There is no single answer, because that's what happens to every soul will be in accordance with the uniqueness of every soul. " (Message Matthew Ward, 14.02.2010)

Star Seed, of course, can appreciate this comment. Since many of us come from higher dimensions than the fourth and fifth, and can return to them after the ascension process begins or ends, depending on your choice. But some souls go to places of lower density, as Matthew discussing here.

"There are souls whose life choices will automatically transfer them to the location of the first or second density, and at the other end of the spectrum are the souls who come from the worlds of the fourth, fifth and higher density to help the Earth in her Ascension — when their mission is complete, they return to their homeland. " (Message Matthew Ward, 14.02.2010)

He then agrees with the view that there will be continued presence on Earth, in the Third Dimension, or the Third Density, as he prefers to call it. He calls it "the theory of the two lands."

"However, we can safely say that the theory of a celestial body that appears as the" second Earth "and becoming the third density home for souls who are not physically accompany the" first Earth "into fourth density is erroneous. You — the soul of the human body. Earth — the soul in a planetary body.

Her soul remained in fifth density, where there was, at the time her body was lowered into the deep third density during the millennia when her humanity shed each other's blood, destroyed the bulk of its animal and brutally destroyed her body. It could allow insulting body die, but instead she chose to restore health, so that all its inhabitants in their myriad forms of life might remain.

The more "theory of the two Lands" contains only the people's choices which would put them in different worlds third density. " (Message Matthew Ward, 14.02.2010)

So Matthew said his message to September 1, 2012. Let's see what he says in this letter.

At first, he says, that we are actually going to travel through the "window of heaven" in late 2012 and early 2013. The window will take us to what he calls the "fourth density."

"In the last days of 2012 and the first days of 2013 the planet will go through the window of heaven between the third and fourth density, where the energy density of the two beams are compressed and move into fourth density, where begins the golden era of the Earth." (Message Matthew Ward, 1.09.2012)

This entry in the Fourth Density, using his term, marks the beginning of the Golden Age, according to Matthew.

"But this magnificent milestone — not the end of her journey. Ascension will continue as long as the planet is firmly entrenched in the fifth density, where Gaia occurred in ancient times, and where it formed a planetary body. After eons of years of low density corresponding to the collective consciousness of successive civilizations, the body of Gaius will be returned home. " (Message Matthew Ward, 1.09.2012)

Finally, the following, which I think has puzzled many readers. Matthew begins by saying: "Get out of third density earth will be announced throughout the illuminated universe!" However, he added: "… knowing that this brilliant process continues long into the coming years, would prevent despair endured by those who expect that the 21st December there will be a dramatic event. When nothing dramatic happens in the day or in any of the next, how sad will count on anything spectacular. They become so depressed that will decide on the level of the soul to join those who do not want to stay on the planet for various reasons. " (Message Matthew Ward, 1.09.2012)

So, first of all, Matthew does not say anything contrary to what he said before. It offers progressive representation of the Ascension, which he sees as a process in which the December 21 there will be no personal drama, no "dramatic events", no sudden departure of people in other lives.

This does not mean that Matthew does not use the word "Ascension". He does it. Moreover, he holds the view that the sudden ascension into the fifth dimension to happen on a certain date, he says August 22, 2004: "The date is not a problem — it's coming variations that increase the pace of the world's ascension into the fullness of the fourth density, which is a complete interest matters. " (Message Matthew Ward, 22.08.2004)

Thus, I hope that the point of view of Matthew objectively and fully predstavlenao: gradual ascension to fourth density, starting with a trip through the heavenly window opening in late 2012 and continued until we reach a lasting presence in the fifth density, but a continuing, though less, we will not return to the Creator.

Steve Bekov

Source: The 2012 Scenario
Translation: Oreanda Web

Category: Quantum transition, ascension

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