The Red Pelicans left Dagestan reserve because of frost

Several hundred Red pelicans moved from the territory of Dagestan State Reserve in a warm place for cold weather in the region, which were kept at minus 20-30 degrees Celsius for two weeks, said the Dagestan State Reserve.

Workers Reserve noted during the inspection that many species of birds well tolerated cold, but waterfowl pelicans leave reserve. No bird was not harmed, said the inspectors, as the dead birds in the reserve was not found.

"Pelicans have found. Among the clusters have only seen one adult Dalmatian pelican. Day before massive accumulation of pelicans (several hundred birds) seen at the mouth of the river Sulak, 50 kilometers south Agrahana. Sulak, fortunately, not frozen, and there is likely to they have something to feed on, "- said the reserve.

"The flight of birds in the south due to the fact that many cold water of the North Caucasus, where the birds spend the winter. Partially frozen and the Caspian Sea, the northern part of it. Rather, pelicans migrated to more southern part of the Caspian Sea," — said RIA Novosti President Bird Conservation Union Russian Viktor Zubakin.

Dalmatian Pelican (Pelecanus crispus) — member of the family pelikanovyh. A migratory bird that is listed in the Red Book of the Russian Federation. The name given to the form due to short frizzled feathers on his head.

Daghestan Reserve was established in 1987 for the preservation and study of ecosystems and the coastal waters of the Gulf of Kizlyar Caspian Sea. Its territory is home to over 60 species of animals listed in the Red Book of Russia.

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