The second high-speed passenger ship launched in Zelenodol’sk


May 26 Zelenodol'sk plant named after M. Gorky solemn event dedicated to be launched high-speed passenger ship A145 project. This is the second ship of a series of innovative high-speed sea passenger ships.

In celebration of the launching of the ship took part in the delegation of the Arkhangelsk region, headed by the Deputy Governor on Infrastructure Development Alexei Alsufevym Industry and Trade Ministry and the head of the Arkhangelsk region, Andrei Shestakov, director of the Department of Foreign Affairs to the President of Tajikistan — Assistant to the President on international issues Iskander Muflikhanov, guidance and factory workers and others.

It should be noted that it became aware of IA "Tatar-Inform", the delegation of the Arkhangelsk region is interested in buying the plant two vessels of A145.

The first greeted the crowd turned general manager of Renat Mistahov. He noted that the passenger ship is well established on the sea trials.

 Next, on behalf of the Republic thanked plant employees for such a fine job Iskander Muflikhanov. He also recalled that the head sistership project was presented at the Tenth Anniversary International Investment Forum in Sochi in September last year. Then the first sample vessel attracted great interest from both the federal leadership and the heads of Russian regions, as well as representatives of foreign delegations. I.Muflihanov said that with the start of construction of the project A145 began a new era for shipbuilding in Russia, as in the last 25-30 years, courts of "river-sea" is not built.

 On this day, launching a high-speed passenger ship type A145 was not the only major event for the plant. A few hours later visited the plant Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Sukhorukov. He not only learned about the activities of the plant, and supervised the implementation of orders of the Ministry of Defense, but also visited the lead ship of type A145. During the inspection, he asked questions regarding the safety and operation of the vessel, and expressed their assumptions and comments on his equipment.

Ship 150 is designed to carry passengers at a speed of 40 knots (74 km / h). In this case, sea trials, though with a smaller load, it was possible to develop a speed of 44 knots. Inside and outside the vehicle resembles a plane, devoid of wings. Motor vessel is equipped with satellite TV, video and audioservice, air conditioning. The plant hopes that A145 computer-controlled replace morally and physically outdated "Comets", "Sunrise" and "Meteora". To create this project were recruited Saint Petersburg is the company "Agat Design Bureau". In addition, the court A145 project being built under the supervision of classification society «Bureau Veritas».


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