The second power Ivanovskikh PSU commissioned

Power unit number 2 PGU-325 Ivanovskikh PSU in the group "INTER RAO UES" has successfully passed comprehensive testing (after working for 72 hours at rated load with the issue of electricity to the grid), as well as testing for certification of power in the framework of the program agreed with the System Operator EEC.


 Currently, the Department of Energy being coordinated process of assigning the second power equipment Ivanovskikh PSU status of "innovative equipment". This status was approved by the Commission, the Scientific and Technical Council of the Ministry of Energy in April 2012.

The project for the construction of CCGT power plant Ivanovo with the installation of two units of PGU-325 with a total capacity of 650 MW is implemented in Komsomolsk Ivanovo region in the framework of the federal target program "Fuel and energy." The project is unique in that for the construction of power plants is the creation and completion of the first Russian high-power gas turbine — GTD-110. Thus, at the power of Ivanovo PGU tested the latest technology and energy equipment produced in Russia, which can be used ovany in the further modernization of the country's power plants.

Thus, JSC "INTER RAO UES" has fully complied with its obligations under the contract for supply of power, concluded in accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 11 August 2010.

The first power unit PGU-325 CCP Ivanovsky was introduced in 2007. The main equipment of the second power unit PGU-325 consists of two gas turbine GTE-110 with a capacity of 110 MW power generators such TZFG-110-2MUZ (produced by OJSC "Power Machines"), two heat recovery boiler of the type P-88 (manufactured by JSC "ZIO — Podolsk ") and steam turbine K-110-6, 5 with the electric TSFP 2MUZ-110 (manufactured by JSC" Power Machines ").

Ivanovo PGU — Russia's first power plant with steam and gas cycle, the basis of an industrial complex which is domestically produced equipment. The first power station with capacity of 325 MW in commercial operation was performed May 20, 2008. The power plant is a group of "INTER RAO UES".

JSC "INTER RAO UES" — A diversified energy holding company, present in different segments of the electricity industry in Russia and abroad. The company occupies a leading position in Russia in the export and import of electricity, is actively expanding its presence in the segments of generation and distribution, as well as developing new lines of business. The strategy of "INTER RAO UES" is aimed at creating a global energy company — one of the key players in the global energy market. The installed capacity of power plants in the Group "INTER RAO UES" and are under the control of around 28,000 MW.

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