The Secret History of British estates watch online

The Secret History of British estates watch online
Architectural historian Dan Krikshenk visiting little-known English manor, knows about their history and the stories of families have ever lived in them. So familiar and at the same mysterious manor — a business card of Britain.

series 1 — Estate Reksoll South / South Wraxall Manor

South Reksoll — one of the oldest estates. This manor house of the family of Longueuil Uildshira better reflects the spirit of the UK Tudor era, with its boundless opportunism and bolshennymi means newest elite, rapidly climb the social ladder.

series 2 — Kinross House / Kinross House

Scotland — a country where the locks were the symbol of the power a little longer than the rest of Britain. Back in the Middle Ages, the ruling elite preferred to live in castles. But at the end of the XVII century in Scotland, something extraordinary happened — a new type of palaces. On the background of some anachronistic locks looked as if the armor of a medieval knight. We will see one of these palaces, which changed the course of history — Kinross House — this is the first traditional palace on the ground in Scotland.

series 3 — Easton Neston / Easton Neston

Estate Easton Neston in Northamptonshire County — this palace witnessed many triumphs and disasters: the debts, jewelry, quarrels in the family, loss and acquisition of state, sometimes won at cards. The building is beautiful architecture, great power and beauty — a real masterpiece.

Series 4 — Wentworth Woodhouse / Wentworth Woodhouse

We will visit one of the largest private estates in Europe. It also wrapped himself more lurking. Over the years, its details were kept secret. Our way lies in the county of Yorkshire, in estate Wentworth Woodhouse. Since the construction of the XVIII century it was the center of intrigues and internecine strife.

The oldest buildings

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