The street Belinsky fails roadway

Now, probably, everyone thought — as it still "Moskvich" remained intact and crumbled after such a blow. Seeing these pictures, it is a pity to all cars, even that great shock absorbers. This terrible trap — by Belinsky, downhill, on the strip, where you would normally ride buses. Dozens of Krasnoyarsk, especially in the "keyway" have become hostages of the trap.

On a dangerous stretch of road today, only we put warning sign. So do not break until resize hole. Width — half meters, depth — more than 20 centimeters.

After repairing the road to Belinsky began to resemble a real runway. And in fact, the race start at the traffic light at the Partizan Zheleznyaka. Speeds reach 200 km / h And because of this hole may occur not just crash the car, and a real tragedy. That's because the next traffic light is only in the BCG.

And this is not the first time that the troubled area "floats" asphalt. In September 2010, prior to the date after the reconstruction of the road, there were holes. Contractor, a large enterprise "Krasnoyarsk-Avtodorstroy" fined. While the company had previously opened the procedure.

For once a successful commercial company was one of the active members of the Legislative Assembly of the Region. Today, the city of the Capital Construction claims are, but not to the road builders.

Deputy Head of the Capital Construction of Krasnoyarsk Ruslan Zavey-Beard said: "This failure — because of the shopping center," Lights. "They pulled the plumbing under way, due to the impact of water began subsidence."

New hole will be patched for the budget money. And then bill the owners of entertainment center. Meanwhile, the reconstruction Belinsky city for three years already spent more than 400 million rubles.

Julia Markov

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