The Swedish photo artist — for international legal assistance to prisoners of the KGB

Swedish photographer and witness the events of Minsk on December 19 Maria Sederberg believes that one of the most effective steps to the Belarusian political prisoners should be to provide them with full legal support.

"It can not be that the defendants in the case of the riots is not have the opportunity to get real timely legal assistance — said Sederberg. — I believe that Sweden, as well as the governments of other European countries, the international legal associations should support the Belarusian political prisoners by law, since at the moment, as far as I can see, the prisoners are deprived of the protection guaranteed by law. "

Sederberg sure that in fact the events of December 19 must carried out a full independent investigation, and this function must take an independent international commission.

Maria Sederberg — Winner of "I Love Belarus", which was presented to her organization "Young Front" (Czech Republic) in the category Pro-Belarus. She is the organizer of the annual Swedish Days in Belarus, in the course of which the writers of the two countries, concerts and film screenings.

"I was pleasantly surprised! Although, in all honesty, no hero I do not consider myself. Think that Belarus has a lot of brave and decent people who are more deserved this award, "- said the photographer.



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