The threat of a tsunami in the Pacific Ocean completely removed

Seismologists have canceled the threat of a tsunami after a powerful earthquake of magnitude 7.6 on all Pacific territories, including Indonesia and the Philippines, according to the Pacific Warning Center the tsunami threat the United States.

The epicenter of the incident on Friday moschnogozemletryaseniya magnitude of 7.6 was at 213 kilometers from the Philippine island of Mindanao. Hearth tremors occur at a depth of 33 kilometers.

Associated Press referring to the mayor of Cagayan de Oro in Mindanao, said that under the debris struck home in the city killed an elderly woman, her five-year grandson injured.

According to Reuters, the island of Samar, an earthquake caused the destruction of infrastructure — roads and bridges damaged.

Philippines passes through the Pacific "fire zone" — the band of volcanoes and tectonic faults up to 40 thousand kilometers. He circles the Pacific Ocean, passing along the coasts of North and South America to the southern part of Alaska, then turns to Japan and Indonesia and ends near the island of New Guinea, New Zealand and South West Pacific. It is in the "Ring of Fire" is the vast majority of the known volcanic planet. There are also 90% of all earthquakes in the world.

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