The Urbee 2 — car created on a 3D printer

Second Modification Car printed on a 3D printer, appeared this year. The Urbee 2 — So named their offspring Jim Kor (Jim Kor). He claims that the car turned out pretty light and durable, able to reach speeds of 180 km / h …

And above all, it still goes! Car designed with the most modern method is called The Urbee Auto 2 is a bit like a flying saucer. It was carried out on the basis of the method of building a virtual model. As a result, the creators of the unusual vehicle got quite durable and lightweight car that is likely to soon appear on the conveyor.

This car is equipped with a hybrid engine, has only three wheels and can reach a top speed of around 180 km / h The outer casing of a car built by ABS-plastic.

The Urbee car 2 is perfect for use in city names. This meaning, in principle, even in its laid track.

The main designer of the new vehicle made Jim Kor, which is usually involved in the design of sustainable and unusual cars.

10-horsepower engine for the car The Urbee 2 is still in development. In a three-wheeled vehicle is also installed 36-volt electric motor.

According to preliminary estimates, the cost per vehicle is 50 000 dollars. The company said it already has 14 customers to build the model.



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