The warranty period for warm floors Teplolux was increased to 25 years

The company "Special systems and technologies", Russia's largest manufacturer of electrical heating systems, from April 2012 has increased the warranty on the entire line of electric underfloor heating "Teplolux" up to 25 years.

The decision to increase the warranty period was made by the company after a large-scale study of warranty claims and requests of customers and distributors. Conducted a study on the modernization of production processes and methods of total control of finished products have increased the warranty period on underfloor heating "Teplolux" up to 25 years.

Warm floors "Teplolux" made in Russia by "Special systems and technologies" since 1994. "Teplolux" embodies comfort and reliability for millions of consumers worldwide. In 2010, "Teplolux" was recognized as the most recognized brand of electric underfloor heating in Russia. Warm floor "Teplolux" is one of the most reliable and durable heating systems, the battery is at least 50 years of age. The range of underfloor heating "Teplolux" is represented by the single-core and two-core heating sections, designed for space heating from 0.7 to 29 meters, as well as single and twin-core heating mats, which are designed for heating area from 0.65 to 15.3 m m. A special series of high-power heating mats "Teplolux Tropix 200" is designed for use in cold rooms. Lineup thermostats "Teplolux", including remote-controlled models, has no analogues in Russia.

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