The World Economic Forum named Zworykin Prize Laureate global leader

Nicholas Dobrovolsky, Zworykin Award Winner 2008, the creator of ParallelsDesktop software for Mac, has won the prestigious award YoungGlobalLeaders, 2012, awarded by the World Economic Forum (WorldEconomicForum — WEF). The results were announced yesterday, March 6. Dobrowolski was one of three people in Russia and one of the 192 young leaders from 59 countries marked by this award.

YGL award is presented at the World Economic Forum's leaders under the age of 40 years for their outstanding achievements in the field of the management team, professional success and social responsibility. According to the prize committee, all the nominees are united by one thing — the ability to change the future for the better, and the successful solution of the tasks of public interest.

Nicholas Dobrowolski is a prime example of an innovative leader and self-made entrepreneur. It is directly related to the emergence of software ParallelsDesktop for Mac, allowing Apple to run on computers Windows-based applications. The emergence of the software world people turned Apple. Today, this program uses more than three million people around the world. The product is a world leader in desktop virtualization software, marked by more than 50 international awards. In Russia this development Nikolai Dobrovolsky was named "Best Innovative manager" in the opinion of the committee Zworykin Award for Innovation in 2008.

With the direct participation of Nicholas, Parallels more than 6 years of successfully implementing an educational program in leading Russian universities, aimed at improving the preparation of students for the requirements of modern industry production software. Nicholas stands for the provision of comprehensive financial and organizational support for the development of scientific research, publication of literature in scientific and engineering subjects, the support of teachers, purchase of equipment and teams participating in the World Championships Programming ACM.

In addition, Nicholas Dobrovolsky is active in community activities. He is a member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, which supports the implementation of legislative initiatives to improve the business software companies through the simplification of the tax burden, changes in the educational system and support basic research, changes in labor legislation. Thanks to initiatives Dobrowolski, the Government of the Russian Federation drew attention to the question of unification of the visa regime for the scientific and business communities, coming to Russia in order to exchange experiences. Nicholas Dobrowolski takes an active part in shaping the policy of Skolkovo — the future of the Russian analogue of the Silicon Valley.

Along with Nicholas Dobrovolsky received the award in the Russian Denis Morozov, Representative of the Russian Federation to the Board of Directors of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the Roland Nash, Head of Strategic Planning VernoCapital.

 "Perhaps everyone will be pleased if he will be among the pobediteleyYoungGlobalLeaders. Especially nice if it occurs in the form of a certain bonus to the job that you spent many years of his life, — said Mykola Dobrovolsky, Vice President of Product Development Parallels. -Our company has always focused on creating products that can change consumers' lives for the better, to make it easier and more convenient. With the same purpose, Parallels has been supporting schools and educational initiatives. We believe that the future must be built with their own hands. "

"In the last few years we have seen a terrible recession, perhaps the strongest in the last hundred years. The world is faced with the necessity of global change — said Klaus Schwab, founder and chairman of the World Economic Forum. — Recovery and innovation will require new and unique ideas and the environment in which they can be implemented. The main criterion of success will be how well we use human talent. At the World Economic Forum's young leaders are advocating for their future and hope of the next generation. I am proud of all the winners of this year. I believe that they will be able to bring new ideas to solve the problems that we have yet to encounter, and will do so with full dedication "


Parallels — a worldwide leader in software, which provides for service launch and effective provision of hosting and cloud services. The second direction is the development of virtualization software and PC Mac. More than 90% of its sales are to markets in the Americas, Europe and Asia, with development centers Parallels are in Russia. Number of employees — more than 850 people. Software from Parallels installed on more than 3 million desktops worldwide. On the basis of Parallels software for more than 5 thousand service providers offer cloud and hosting services to more than 12 million small businesses in 125 countries around the world. The information in the Internet: / ru.


National Award for Innovation is the name of Vladimir Zworykin — Russian inventor, known the world over as one of the authors of television and electronic optical devices. It has been held annually since 2008 and is part of Zvorykinsky project — a priority program of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs of the Russian Federation.

Best Innovation not only receive cash prizes, but the opportunity to grow from a simple idea into a real innovative project, which in future will not only bring real income, but also, perhaps, will determine the development of an industry. Its winners are determined by the advisory council and become known at the end of the year at the National Youth Innovation Convention. In 2010, the number of award nominations Zvorykinsky project increased from three to eight.

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