Theft. The law is the law watch online

Theft.  The law is the law watch online

Documentary film-investigation "Thief. Law outside the law "- the first and only attempt to date impartially analyze such a unique social phenomenon as" thieves. "Like the Italian mafia, the Russian" thieves in law "- the elite of the criminal world. They — the ideologues criminal" concepts "and the keepers of thieves traditions. 1st "Dona Corleone" appeared in the USSR in the 30s, and has since played in the life of our society a significant role. first movie tells about the birth cycle larcenous ideas in the USSR. In the 2nd movie — the story of the period of the Russian Federation "of the criminal heyday": the viewer back in the 90's, when the number of "thieves in law" passed for a thousand

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