Those in the KGB prison, for the people? Why is that people care less?

The Company Most of the letters that we receive in these days of February, is still focused on the theme of political repression that began in Belarus after the presidential election and is still going on. Arrests, searches, interrogations of opposition and civil society activists in Belarus are humdrum affair … All of these developments are also reflected in the air "Freedom," and in our mail.

Today's discussion will begin with the letter listener, who can not be called a friend of "Freedom." On the contrary, what sounds in our air, he believes a lie and hypocrisy, and the arrests of opposition leaders and activists fully justified and welcomed. In his letter to the "Freedom" Sergei Babnyatsov from Mogilev writes:

"Your transmission — is a continuous cry of oppression and persecution of so-called" democrats. "And it's amazing. When a person does not violate the law, who can pursue it? Sit quietly, do not break the law — and no one will touch you.

But "Freedom" for some reason all the criminals are prisoners of conscience. Take the same presidential candidates. The authorities allowed them to participate in the elections. But they used it to make an attempt to undermine the foundation of the state to seize power by Kyrgyz scenario. So what you want — so for that pat on the head? No, violated the law — get what he deserved. And there is nothing about this now shed tears. It would be worse if the cry had millions of Belarusians in the case if the gamble failed.

You perfectly know that Lukashenko won the election with a landslide victory. This is confirmed by all the studies, including foreign ones.

Thus, Lukashenka does not like the so-called "democrats" they hate him. So what to do? Why did the hate to climb on walls and ripping his shirt?

Agree with him, like every mortal, many shortcomings. But there are also important, for which he valued people. He is honest to his people, not a thief — in contrast to many of those who in power. A good organizer. In the current difficult conditions maneuvering, seeking a way out, but it does not trade in the country. He — a real guarantor of independence — wrote in his letter to the "Freedom" Sergey Babnyatsov of Mogilev. — And his competitors? Was one of them at least, who could become a full-fledged alternative to Lukashenko for the ability to run the country?

Never win the election that we have, which is supported by external forces. Because it is — a direct correlation from creditors. But opposition candidates in debt to the eyeballs.

Instead of winning at the polls, they called the people of the area. For what? On what expected — that the West would help? Did not realize that Belarus — Kyrgyzstan is not? Our people in their overwhelming majority are satisfied with the government.

Are calling on the people of the area — a thousand times think that would happen, are you ready to meet in person when the crowd gets out of control.

Suppose that there were people behind bars, which as you say, really unselfish concern for the people to reflect his aspirations. What did the people in such a case would have remained silent? But we all, as you see, to the bulb. And why not? Because these sales figures. And people can see it. And support them now, only those who receives a dollar. And just like that, free to shout in the street — no fools …

Do not wait and do not expect you to read my letter. I know that for a stay without work. And in the mail I do not respond. The good news is that you personally read a sincere letter is not a regular contributor, and a simple man of the people who think differently than you ".

In today's Belarus, Sergey, no fair democratic elections. Opposition candidates have called people to the area on December 19, as they, and any other open-minded people (even apolitical) knew in advance what will announce the results of the voting power controlled by the Central Election Commission.

Did the Lukashenko won the election (and all the more as you, Sergey, claim victory "convincing") — a very controversial issue. When the government was confident in her triumph when she wanted no one doubted its convincing advantage — that prevented the electoral commission to include representatives of all the candidates, as is done in the civilized world? Let observe, consider, check recount. If you do not muhlyuesh and not lying — why be afraid? And they fear the independent sociologists who banned the exit polls from the polling stations (so-called exit polls)?

All authoritarian regimes are similar to each other and in the same way their leaders are trying to keep life in his hands absolute power. Former Tunisian dictator Ben Ali led his country to the 87 year. On the next re-election a year ago there the Central Election Commission has counted him as much as 90 percent support. What were worthy of these figures, a month ago I saw whole world, watching what was happening on the streets of the capital and the Tunisian Ben Ali to flee, barely having time to pack in your luggage and a half tons of gold. The same has just happened in Egypt, which the head of Mubarak too, so to speak, "convincingly won" in all elections for three consecutive decades.

And your last, Sergey, remark — that the people said nothing, did not come out to defend political prisoners. Like, if the opposition really defending the public interest, the people "have not kept my mouth shut." People knew what fate befell hundreds of protesters on December 19. The few young men and women who dared to go to Independence Square on December 20 to support political prisoners and detained, beaten and arrested. The people who dare to openly express protest, dismissed, expelled from school, hauled in for questioning, arrange searches in apartments … Scare people so for a while you can, but to compel respect for authority, trust her, treat her with respect and pride — never.

His views on the lessons and consequences of the events of the 19th of December — our listeners Ignatius Gavenskaga of Polotsk. In a letter to the "Freedom", he writes:

"The area got out of the government party. So, she allegedly smashed his political opponents. Dozens of opposition members can spend in jail for years. But Lukashenko received in return for this so-called" triumph "? From the West — total isolation, a travel ban on a half Hundreds of officials. On the Russian side — silent contempt, mocking reports on federal television channels, which are not explicitly removed without the approval of the Kremlin.

I do not think that Lukashenko is now even more opposition press. Flatten in response can and — economic sanctions, the cancellation of the hockey world championship (and this is the favorite toy of the regime).

The important question is: what do I do? I think, first of all it is necessary to carry out actions of solidarity with political prisoners — and not only in Minsk, but also in other cities of Belarus. Special mention should be ready for March 25. Of course, there is a danger that the riot police again to grab people and there may be new political prisoners. To avoid this, you should agree to Bangalore. It is important that the Belarusian society has seen the struggle continues ".

Opposition leaders (who is still at large) are now just arguing about the fact that action has to be on March 25, where it should be, under which slogans. Mainly, however, looks like the question is not "How?" And, "How much?". How many people will gather in This year, Freedom Day — especially if the permissions on the procession of officials are not they? Power, indeed, paid a high price (and continues to pay) for political repr
ession. And there is no indication that she has razlichyvshysya for the violence and arrests of its reputation and damaged relations with the West, suddenly changes his mind, step back and loosen the iron embrace.

To learn how to change the political situation in Belarus after the elections in December last year, says in his letter to the "Freedom" and Vitaly Michalevic from the village Nyalovy Vetkovskiy District. The listener writes:

"People are now forced to make an obedient herd cattle. Entire regime rests only on the hard suppress any dissent. At present there is no parliament — at least as much as in Russia. As for MPs? Neither his position nor his own opinion. They were ordered out presidential administration — they all together raised paw "for" like a flock of sheep.

And how can you call the opposition "enemies of the people" thugs ", as it does Lukashenko? They are the same — part of our people reflect the position of a significant number of people.

You can have different attitudes to what happened on December 19. Of course, the actions of the participants in that meeting can not be justified. But, on the other hand — what counts power, which is so divisive that can not (or will not) find common ground with different social strata that any desire for freedom and democracy to respond to violence and repression? ".

The authorities are obviously counting on the fact that, through such methods can maintain the same mode and in the future — for many years (if not decades). Alexander Lukashenko has led the state seventeenth year, and there is no indication that he was going to give way to someone else. But the authoritarian rulers of life was not only in Europe — even in Africa. Of course, the boiler of popular discontent and resentment for some time, you can keep the lid tightly closed severe repression. But if the temperature in the boiler rises to a critical level — the one who is trying to keep the lid does not envy …

And at the end — a brief letter from the Olga Kowalska of Smorgon. Commenting on the content of Radio Liberty, listener writes:

"I thank you that you have that is our Belarusian Freedom. Listening to your programs every day and I believe that zasvetsits sun in our little window.

When I was too vexing enemies of Belarus, which irritates and angers the entire Belarusian, as I repeat the words of the poem prayer:

What, then, of Belarus, a country
If the mother does not have a word?
If you do not sing their songs?
If you forget your language?

And the officials I still turn on the native Belarusian language — as if their is no annoying ".

Thank you to everyone who took the time to write on "Freedom." Since you were Valentin Zhdanko. Write to us, previous address: Minsk-5, mailbox one hundred and eleventh

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