Three days of darkness, or the great transition. Refinements KIRAEL

KIRAEL: I turn to this book chapter on the three days of darkness, I had no idea how this is all agog. I know that all the worry. Everyone asks me — my poor psychic asked about it a little more often than I do, as it is on Earth is much more than I do: when will the three days of darkness? When it was the three days of darkness?

Well, let me tell you about it as you can. Three days of hopeless gloom that's what you'll be so ready for this to happen, you will not be counting the days. Would you consider a particle of love, for, you know, three days of darkness — this is when the Earth plane is a huge belt of light, and this light is so intensified, become so many particles, it seems that they overshadow your star — the Sun. You say, "God help, Master Kirael, we did not freeze to death without the sun?" I said, "It seems that they overshadow."

Your Creator does not make mistakes. He knows how to help overcome the difficulties of a sufficient number of particles. Oh, but I'm pretty sure that you're really want to sleep. In fact, some of you ave all the event and will not know that it was happening until it's over.

But here's the good news: As I mentioned in the first book, and once again, when the event is over, and you wake up, you'll be at the mercy of the full intensity of the Fourth Dimension, and the first thing you wish — jump for joy. And then you'll want to go down, because will float in the air for some time. You see, as soon go through times that your physical body is adjusted to the light center. Light center — a particle that you were with him all his life, and who have been waiting the moment when light up in a new state of consciousness.

And now, for all of you who are out there, which we call the We the People, had just arrived in the rapture, I say also this: "Why do not you start now? Why do not you start right now to search through your entire system in each meditation that you have had? Look up and say: "I wonder if this was one of those little particles, referred to by Master Kirael KIRAEL in his book: The Great Shift? And just slightly push it, and if it breaks out next to you, say, "I have one." You could very well do it, because once they become available. But imagine, just imagine that you have a few right now.

This is about what the three days of darkness in fact, so stop being Frightening crow. Allow yourself to know that the love of your Creator will not let anything happen to you.

KIRAEL: Let me start this chapter with a deep concern: Whenever fear will creep in, my apologies will be heard loud and clear, for fear is not the purpose of my work. I want to avoid it at all costs. Three days of darkness — this is not about fear and panic, and the ascension into the Fourth Dimension. Again and again, I apologize for the fear that might arise, and please understand that I am not trying to scare you. I'm trying to prepare you for ascension. The transition for the love, and all fear what you feel — this is what you have chosen. Make a smart choice, my friends, for the transition will be the beginning of awareness awakening.

The three days of darkness, in fact, are related to the occurrence of Mother Earth into the Photon Belt. This will lead to the offensive three days of darkness, and this event will herald the beginning of a transition or ascension into the Fourth Dimension. Let me give you a brief explanation of what happens during this period. All of this event will take place in the period from 7 to 10 days or so, but please do not make me stick to these numbers, because this time, anyway, can vary within a day or so.

First Day

At this point, there is a sense of full and absolute confusion. This is not to create fear. Yes, fear is allowed by the Creator, but you do not give in to fear. Those of you who read this work will have a complete understanding of the events that will occur in this period. You say to yourself, "This is exactly what is said KIRAEL must happen." You will still, however, will have to drive away from a fear, as it soaks the entire Earth plane. This awakening is a very deep cellular memory that must come to the surface. It is thought up particles of light, to make sure that everyone goes through the transition, really healing your fears. And again, since you so much time living in fear, you usually do so many good things out of fear. Healing your fears — all part of the plan of the Creator.

Here's another reason why you should try to cope with their current fears. As you become more experienced in manner with their fears and their dispersion, you can better cope with the transition. Some fears that you face today are as follows: Paid if my account? Shall I be married, and if not, what will I do? Will I lose all my money from a stupid investment? They, of course, are very real, but looking at it in reality, all you need to do — this is just to face the problem and solve it wish to achieve full clarity. Guess what happens then? It is always not so scary monster as you thought. In fact, it becomes a problem to a great extent, to be extremely accommodating. That's why I bring a focus on the fact that you have completed all of their time learning projects. If you learn the best way to deal with your fears, you will turn transition in the adventure, and not a nightmare. Repetition — the mother of learning.

Thus, the very first day you will vibrate with the illusion of mass illness and seemingly horrific destruction. You will literally leave the third dimension and be involved in the fourth with a mixture of photon energy. You will feel a shift of the Earth, the scale shift, much more than you could ever feel up to this point. Somewhere in the first 12 hours of the first day, you literally do not want to walk. You are, without exaggeration, be forced to remain stationary.

This process of approximation of Mother Earth to a grinding halt. During this period, she shakes himself, and configure many aspects. All this is laid out, and she knows how far to go in order to stay on track for good. Thus, it will be one of your very first targets: the emergence of mass confusion, followed by the present rumble of Mother Earth.

Before this event, you will a series of earthquakes. Earthquake that time become almost commonplace. I'm not talking about the powerful earthquake measuring eight or nine points on the Richter school, and about a five-point, six-point and weaker, because Mother Earth will show that it is ready. However, when it enters into its initial position before making a transition, where the energy of your measurement goes from the third to the fourth, and the photon energy is beginning to engulf the Earth, it will pave the way for their last rotation in the third dimension. Therefore, about 12 — 16 hours on the first day you will be, without exaggeration, it is difficult to be in the upright position. Do not panic! Do not you know how many times to remind you of this? Please do not panic! If you do not fall into a panic in those first few hours, everything will be arranged, for rocking and roll will decrease.

Next, begin to show some other symptoms — drop in temperature and a decrease of sunlight. The next two days will be, in effect, like a late evening. From this point on, you will not have to see a lot of sun, until you get out of this part of the Shift.

At this time, will start to show thrill awakening. Depending on your psychic abilities, your friends and relatives who have passed into the next world, will be able to chat with you. This will give you the opportunity to experience something that does not ever experience the majority in the current incarnation. This is just one more reason why, in the last few years, Guides, who knew about the transition, recommended that the meditation. My Truth tells me that the word should be written in capital letters, for what I put into it — is very important.

Second Day

Earth plane will impregnate widening darkness with the cold, which you have never experienced. This will be a deep cold as it gets inside you. At this time, you'll connect with other entities, not the carbon type. Here's another reason why you can not spend your life based on fear: You will find that will be one of your most greatest trials. All you need to understand — that this test. You will just need to keep himself in the light, because, using white light, your awareness is raised to its highest point, and the test will disappear.

Third Day

On the third day, Mother Earth will be fully into the Photon Belt and the actual place in the fourth dimension. Photon energy to surround the Earth plane, and there will be three days of darkness. The outer zone of the photon energy is very dense, to clear the existence of a third dimension and energy to ignite the Fourth Dimension. It will be dark because the light particles are so dense that it seems as if there is no light. In order to get through this outer zone will take about three days, and will give the impression that you are in total darkness. Now, does not awaken after 72 hours to go out and say, "That's right, I was outside." You have to pay attention to the time and not get hung up on it, because it will cheat, and, as a result, the energy need even more time to equilibrate.

When you go to the photon energy, it is, literally, blocking sunlight. This will be the real darkness, my friends. The essence of the photon energy, without exaggeration, can block sunlight, so when I say dark, I'm talking about a truly pure darkness. However, some of the thermal energy of the sun to reach Earth, so you do not have to go through the "ice age." Do not be so hard too, but believe me, that will be extremely cold. Your body will undergo vibrational shift to compensate for the lack of movement, which will be felt by the majority.

Would not make sense to try to go out and settle anything. Would not make sense to go down to the corner store, to see if it works. You will not die of hunger, and no one will die of hunger in three days. First of all, your metabolism will change so that you will not need food. You will acquire only the lightest substance. First, it will only be that in which the Creator has brought light in the form of plant life. This is what the Creator always provide for you. For no matter what the reason, so far you have used the plant is unreasonable. Now, not only will you use them wisely, but also learn the true nature of their vibrations. I'm sure some of you will spend a bit of time resonating with this, but most will really enjoy this new food source.

How can prepare yourself for this period, people living in a warm climate? No need to buy a dozen blankets and build something like holodonepronitsaemyh rooms. My medium reminded me that when he was young, all the people were building shelters in the world and created in their stockpiles Canning. It was a reaction to the fact that someone can throw something like a giant bomb, and the only safe place to hide anything. Let me assure you, my friends, that at this time no such need. By the time this event actually cover your earth plane, those who will be designed to fully experience this event, learn about the movement of the vibration of the body and the union movement, so there will be absolutely secure.

Have no doubt that the energy of the body will connect you to anyone. That is why it will be important to conclude your brothers and sisters in arms of love. You will not die from the cold, because they will learn about meditation and movement of the vibration of the body. All those things that you learn in this purely mundane level, in fact, by the time of the preparation are not so distant future.

In the middle of the three-day period of total darkness and cold most of the world's population will be deprived of mobility. You slow down to the point that the three days of darkness will not feel like there is time, my friends. In this way and will be removed some of the fears. You hardly even think of passing through this part of the density. As soon as this period and you will get to the first of three days, you just go into hibernation within.

After the transition

Exit the days of darkness will be beyond your wildest expectations. After darkness begins to dissipate, it will still be two or three days before once again be as bright as day. It will seem like you're in the dark. When you make your first step, you will realize that it no longer touches the ground, as it were. You find that you can jump up in the air, stay there a while and slowly lower back. There will be a new area of energy, is still pretty tight, so sometimes it can be difficult.

You'll feel like your body is moving through something new, and find that you can fill your body this new energy that shines within. From head to toe you'll love this new feeling that completely engulf you a new one.

Most require two to four years to learn how to deal with this new, with instruction of teachers who will support you in this new reality. They will be read for what they will share with you, and you will appreciate all those who pre-transition studied mastery of manifestation. Can you try to understand why it is so important for everyone to complete their lessons before the transition? Then you do not have to experience them after.

By way of example, let me remind you that you transfer all the pending trial to a new reality, so prepare to begin the transition as much as possible so you do not have to waste precious time, when others will move to a new pace.

You might wonder why you do not want to eat, but after so much time. You not only will not be any pain in the stomach from hunger, but much of the fat on your body, if not all, will be gone. When you do, after all, still hungry, you will realize that you need to eat something that God created. Then you look at the plants that have always been there, but you do, in fact, never seen them before. You will break one of them, put in your mouth, and it will slowly dissolve. You will feel the energy of the plant is emitted into your system. Then, suddenly, you realize that breathe differently. You will inhale through the crown of your head and fill your body really unusual for you. In the first few days after the transfer, you will learn what to do with all that is now different.

Many new things gets hold of your new, enlightened thought process. Your thought process is so clear that your memory will exceed all your expectations. You will have nearly 2,000 years, to enjoy the Fourth Dimension.

In fact, my friends, even though it will seem rather precarious situation, it will become the beginning of a period of full enlightenment. Most of you are preparing for many lifetimes just to remember the integrity of ascension. Nothing was wasted, so do not ask the question, "Why I did not expect it and did not pass through all the injuries?". Learn more willing not to take old baggage into a new exciting era.

This is just the beginning. Do not judge everything tested over a short period of time and, most importantly, DO NOT PANIC!

Excerpted from Fred Sterling "great transition"

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