Time to buy plants do not end?

The owner of the "NOVAEM" about how he bought several businesses and dying in three years turned them into powerful holding

A few years ago it seemed to me that it is impossible to build a holding company, everything is already sold out on the loans for shares. Today, there is nothing in abeyance — each plant has an owner. I thought, "All right, did not, in the 90's all sorted out." But if you look at things from a different angle, not with a calculator in hand, and with a desire to truly create, then do it. At least we've got

Vitaly Black Sea, the owner of the "NOVAEM"

How to start holdings

In 2009, I had the opportunity to buy Barnaul "Sibenergomash", specializing in the production of boilers for power plants. I'm ten years working on it in the economic services, and in 2003 he resigned and took up metal trading. My company "Trubmash" pipe supplying the energy sector, the turnover amounted to about a billion a year, and growth prospects were good. But I wanted something more.

We kept in touch with other suppliers of metal. Through them we learned that the plant "Sibenergomash" is in a difficult position. "Energomashkorporatziya", which was part of the plant, can not pay its creditors, and the plant going to be sold at auction. I thought that produce machinery and equipment is much more interesting than selling pipe. Production — is a different status. Still, ten years of work at an engineering plant have not been for me without a trace.

The plant is not enough just to own — they must be able to manage. I knew what was happening in every corner of the enterprise, I felt it. Others did not have such knowledge and the desire to develop the plant. When we went to buy, there were people who were willing to buy it to sell tomorrow. Local authorities would not even talk to them, they wanted to work steadily forming enterprise.

At the time, few could have such a promise. Then everything fell in price, few dare to invest in the production, the companies had little money. Maybe that's why our bid was the only one in the auction for the sale of the plant. In the summer of 2009 we bought a "Sibenergomash" $ 367 million.

Bringing order

The state of the plant was abysmal. We had to deal with infrastructure repair shop, roof, work with people who have lost faith. Also, the first time the former owner accusing us of raiding: he put on a passing guard, forbidding us to go inside. But the people at the plant was so set to change, that it was difficult to hold the line. Most understand that by changing the owner can expect a better future. Someone advised me to press something to break, but we acted in a different way: just talked to people and spoke with the leaders of the workers to remove the film, which at first pawned. Come and explain that no evil would not and will not resell the company, was enough. Security, composed of residents of other cities, left by herself.

For three years we have invested in the plant for more than 1 billion rubles. In 2009, its sales amounted to 800 million rubles in a year, it increased by 70%, and a year — by 50%. How was this achieved?

We began to actively seek new customers and convince the old, that the company will operate. We have more confidence in managers, and it worked. When you give a person the right to negotiate a discount of 5-10% do it once in a different feeling. I told them, 'Let's do another company. "

Working with people

I'm trying to be in public, so that people know where is the Black Sea. I'll charge the energy from them as in the office charged. However, I do not arrange meetings, but can not pass on the production, shake the hands of the peasants. I talk to them without common words specifically. I ask, for example, whether the work is not cold. It is spread through the shops immediately. I'm on any machine can calculate how much it will bring profit, benefit, but I do not know how many people can bring. When I can not charge people, they give more energy than any machine.

Helped to increase the number of orders and the fact that part of the group "Trubmash" could quickly provide a metal factory — many contests require such a competitive advantage. We tried to win those competitions that help to get a new competence to master the new technology. For example, to obtain an order for the production of boilers for the Kazakh Energy, we bought in the context of their 1500 t Ekibastuz coal, took him to Cologne, where burned with a burner Siemens, who planned to install in our boilers. German experts have drawn the conclusion that the use of such technology to minimize emissions to the limits, which in 2013 will be valid throughout the territory of Kazakhstan. We ordered two boilers, but we expect to receive other orders: the whole Kazakhstan is working on Ekibastuz coal, to reduce emissions from incineration can only be achieved through the use of new technologies.

Control chain

Competition in the market is quite high power boilers. We realized that to get the extra benefits you need to get your raw materials to build a chain of metal for pipes to the finished boiler.

The required plant was found by accident. I suggested that in the city of Sverdlovsk region is Alapaevsk canned venture owned Ukrainian group "Privat". He has a blast furnace, which allows ferromanganese. This plant was a lost diamond, which at the master's approach, it was possible to clean up and restore his luster.

We have sent a letter to the "Private" and immediately got a reply that they are willing to sell the plant. The transaction is completed in 4 months, and in November of 2011 we launched a blast furnace there. Many did not believe that we will. It was not easy to obtain all approvals to start production, but the people had suffered so that if some official does not allow the plant to take a chance, no one would understand, from the governor.

When people see that the company is being revived, they begin to work at night, knowing that if this chance to miss, the other will not. If it worked before 100, now 500. In January, we plan to reach 90% of design capacity. Just buy and run of the mill, we have invested nearly a billion rubles.

Last fall, we bought another plant, "MORSHANSKHIMMASH" in the Tambov region. Information about it has come through banks. The regional authorities have decided to save him, bought from the previous owners. They kept the company afloat, were not allowed to close, looking for money from the bankers, and they came to us.

We decided to develop the existing competencies and expand the production of auxiliary equipment for boilers. So we eased production in Barnaul and were able to produce equipment for the petrochemical, which is also done in Morshansk.

Buying this asset was made mainly by their own means. Group zakreditovana only 10% of annual revenue. By the way, in 2011 it amounted to 12.1 billion rubles, while the year before it was 5 billion rubles.

On the market today ar
e many proposals for the sale of enterprises. I lie on the table folder with drawings of plants, people come and say, "Well, take away, well, buy." To us are all, even those who are not so many companies can not control how much one wants. All that matters in a relationship. When I come to the company, I am asked, "Do you long?" I said, "Forever."

Recorded by Anna Sokolow

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