Tolbachik volcano lava flow does not threaten the field base of scientists

Lava erupting volcano in Kamchatka Flat Tolbachik not threaten the field base volcanologists' Tolud ", said on Thursday GUMCHS on edge.

On Thursday, the Kamchatka Volcano Observatory reported that the lava flow is in the direction of base "Tolud" and it creates a real threat. Now the flow of lava is 2.7 kilometers from the base. The movement of lava continues

"The lava flow does not threaten the basis of academics, as it is on the other side of the creek, which flows into the Tolud. Due to specific relief, if the language of the lava reaches of the stream, it will go down to the bed of the stream, without affecting the field base" — said in a statement.

It is noted that the settlement edge of the volcano is also not a threat because of their distance from the eruption.

Flat Tolbachik began erupting on 27 November. In the area of the southern slope formed two fractured breakthrough with Lava — a stream of top-break was more than six kilometers from the bottom — 18 kilometers. Occasionally rose above the volcano ash column. In early January, volcanic activity has declined and a month later the volcano entered a new phase of activity.

In Crater Flat Toblachika formed during the eruption lava lake. The relief of the surrounding area has changed a lot because of the lava piles up to 15 meters.

The last eruption of the volcano Tolbachik called Great Tolbachik Fissure eruption occurred in 1975-76. It was the first in the history of Russian science, which is able to predict precisely. The eruption changed the topography of the surrounding area and cause local ecological disaster — the deaths of all living things at a distance of tens of kilometers from the volcano.

Tolbachik consists of two volcanoes — Flat Tolbachik (3.085 thousand meters altitude) and acute Tolbachik (3.682 thousand meters). The nearest town — City Keys — removed from the foot of the volcano 60 kilometers.

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