Top 5 cities, the victims of flooding


Levees are as old as civilization itself. But only since the last century, humans have learned to build structures that can dive under the water of the valley and create artificial lake. As a result, entire towns were flooded.

In America alone, hundreds of engineers flooded the now forgotten cities in order to create energy-producing and supplying fresh water facilities. But now, because of the shortage of water due to a changing climate and increasing demand, many of the so-called "city-drowned" appear out of the water — damaged and dirty.

Recently, the network has pictures of a small artificial lake, located in the northern part of Italy, where the water emerged from the 700-year-old bell tower. It was the occasion to delve into the history of other flooded towns, and we managed to find plenty of exciting images. In fact, your nearest lake also hides the ruins of a city. Some of them are our article.

St. Thomas, Hidden Lake Mead

Lake Mead hides not the flooded village. The most famous among them — St. Thomas. When a drought dries the 80-year-old artificial lake, sand grow old city walls.

Vilarinyu de Furnas

Vilarinyu de Furnas — the city belonged to the Roman era. He has been flooded by engineers in 1972. It is interesting that the very small population of the town of 300 people has been totally forgotten by the Portuguese authorities. When engineers discovered them in the early 70's, they acted quite unusual municipal political system. Some historians believe that she is a survivor of the occupation of Italy by the Visigoths.

Flooded Church of Potosi

Venezuelan city of Potosi flooded in 1985 to produce hydroelectric power for nearby communities. But the water crisis in Venezuela is gradually opening up the submerged ruins of the city, starting from the church steeple, which was once its highest point.

Old Petrolandiya

Petrolandiya — home to one of the largest hydroelectric power plants in Brazil. At the time of its construction the town moved to higher ground. Now only arch of the church reminds of the old landscape, the sacrifice of flooding.

Bell Tower Kuron

Couronne village was flooded after the Second World War, but the water was left to hang around the church tower. In 2009, the 700-year-old building was renovated. In winter, you can walk on the ice right up to the walls

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