Transition time

Most people, even well-informed by the alternative media, there was an active advertising in 2012, and believes that it will decline — "one more in 2000." They have read too many poorly written articles, watched a lot of movies and hastily made acquainted with the cult channeling, attracting those who are too trusting.

At one level, people laugh and deny it, but on a deeper level, many know that something else will happen, a unique and very important. Change is happening so fast that they are hard to follow, even if you pay to find full-time.

However, the available material is suffering from a lack of quality.

Since there are more than 100 sources of NASA, and all of them partially disclosed in the media, according to them,all the planets in the solar system are undergoing rapid climate change,
is the same as we see on Earth. It is a physical manifestation of the increasing energy, which seems to peak in our near future.
This "energy" creates heat, charged particles, increasing the magnetic field strength and increasing the brightness of the planets.
All of these effects we associate with the "global warming" and / or "climate change." Butthey also affect the human mind and the course of the evolution of species.

The ancient philosophers and mystics knew about this great event. Most of the knowledge has been distorted in the form of biased Christian prophecy, so-called "Ecstasy", ignoring the many other reliable sources.
Almost all the ancient sources accurately describe the times in which we live now, and then go on to say that we will lead the way to the Golden Age on Earth.
This century will be much more harmonious, peaceful and advanced than a century in which we live now. And we will no longer be isolated from the many other humanoid cultures living in our galaxy.
At the simplest level, once you make a step forward from the consideration of very complex systems, the account in the Mayan calendar, you'll see that the shift from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius has for 2011-2012. For 2012 have also predicted the next peak of solar activity on the natural creation of sunspots.
Scholars such as Graham Hancock, exhaustively demonstrated that the system is "er zodiac", lasting 2,160 years each, used for more than 11,000 years.

The symbolism of each era was reflected in the wide variety of religious traditions, including such things as the "Golden Bull" in the era of Taurus. "Golden Calf" was ritually broken into pieces in order to proclaim the advent of Pisces and the birth of Yeshua:

Disclosure shifts to a higher level

Obviously, this "extreme" theme on which the audience laughs so naturally suggested by the directors in the field. Theme in 2012 is closely linked to the presence of the UFO / ET. Almost all the ancient prophecies include some kind of "religious experience" which can be easily interpreted as a form of contact with reason other than the reason of usual human being.

It may well be that the huge increase in the number of documented evidence related to the fact that our solar system is about something happen, and it attracts a lot of attention and help from others.
Again, most people would laugh out loud if these topics are sarcastic and humorous. However, if an extraterrestrial presence does exist, it will force us to rethink everything we know and what we believe. If any evidence of UFO reality (of the thousands of credible reports), we are not alone.
One of the best evidence of UFOs filmed on video, was a case in Mexico in 1997. The ship was observed from a variety of locations throughout the city, many thousands of people.

Oscillating motion — the result of the screening technology of gravity and soft revolution in our gravitational field. This rotation creates a kind of the Coriolis effect, which knocks off course cannonballs flying at a great distance, and is responsible for the direction of the water flow in the toilet, depending on whether you are in the northern or southern hemisphere.
Whatever it was that flying object, eyewitnesses and videos show that it is a reality. This is not a fake film, confirmed by many witnesses around the city.
If we were to accept the idea that visits us at least one civilization, we would rewrite evolutionary biology, science, and physics, as we know them. Would eliminate all of the major objections to the fact thatThe universe is teeming with life, and we would no longer consider that the speed of light creates barriers for people to visit us.
If we can agree that one group has made the leap and got into our air space, we would not object to the fact that we found and came to visit a huge variety of different groups.

Contact in writing

If aliens are real — but there is compelling evidence that this is the case, including a statement of Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell — then it makes sense that at some points was to be held some kind of contact, dressed in writing.
It seems that in this way created the ancient religious scriptures. But now we live in a completely different society. We would need to exercise, keeping up with our current level of progress and civilization.
Is this place a contact form in the recent past? And if it had contact with "higher intelligence", we should expect a very high intelligence — a complex, advanced, sometimes difficult to understand and offer a variety of provable facts that can later be tested for accuracy.

Series of books of the Law of One

And apparently such contact took place. The Law of One series of books — a record 106 sessions of questions and answers between UFO researcher Dr. Don Elkins and alleged extraterrestrial intelligence calling itself the "Ra" and claiming that he had helped the ancient Egyptians. This mind speaking through Carla Rueckert as a "tool" . Jim McCarthy recorded the sessions and provides a grounded and vital energy, allowing the execution of the work.

The Law of One group, calling itself the Light / Love (L / L) Research, 20 years working on the development and improvement of this form of contact before in January 1981, the beginning of contact with Ra. It began shortly after the Don and Carla joined Jim McCarthy. And the band Led Zeppelin broke up with the death of John Bonham, contact the Law of One claimed all three parties work. And when he died in 1984, Don Elkins, contact ended and never resumed.

Materials of Ra / Law of One.

The planet is in the 3rd density being of people, but the planet itself is in the space-time continuum, fourth density.
Approximation 4th density as well ordered as the chimes. Space-time of the solar system, planetary sphere was moved in a spiral in space-time of a different vibrational configuration. This process causes the planetary sphere shaped by new distortions. However, during the transition period people thought patterns vary greatly and can not point to one direction. Therefore, the transition will be such that many will repeat the cycle of third density.

Intelligent infinity has a rhythm or flow. You could take it: rhythm or flow creates a huge heart, starting at the central sun. The existence of the flow as well as the inevitable course of being without polarity, without limbs. Infinite and all silently pulsing out, in and out, as long as do not complete all the focus. Then the spiritual nature or mass calls on all inside and inside as long as all is merged. This is the rhythm of reality.

There is a dial that is associated with the entire galaxy so vast that, while it rotates, it carries all the stars and planetary systems from one density to another. In other words, the background energy of the "zero point", which forms the entire universe, with different levels of density, which we interpret as different dimensions. Energy vibrates in harmonic resonance. Vibration has fixed and moving components. Fixed component would be represented by "three-dimensional dial" on which points Ra, that is very stable, harmonious "standing wave" created by the existence of the Galaxy. movable components were the stars and planets. As they pass through the different areas of density in a "standing wave" harmonious energy zero, respectively, and the levels are shifted their density. The movable component is made in the exact harmonic intervals of time, which Ra calls the 25,000-year cycle. The one major cycle lasts about 25,000 years. The easiest physical method of measuring this cycle — the natural fluctuation of the earth's axis known as precession, which is required for the completion of 25,920 years. It appears that this variation is directly controlled by the passage of the solar system through the changing power density / area of tension.

Upon completion of the cycle, there is a shift of the planetary axis.

Land should be regarded as consisting of seven planets. There are already red, orange and yellow vibration soon for entities fourth density will be completed culmination vibration green, they call Earth.
Positively oriented and ready to move essentially remain under this planetary influence, but not on this level (mainly because of the existing 3rd density), because in the early fourth-density entity will not know exactly how to remain undetected third density).
If the essence of the third-density electrical fully realized the 4th density, electric fields are essentially third density would collapse due to incompatibility. Remember that many of the body's systems, especially the nervous system, are electrical in nature.

Disclosure 1993

Version of which many have heard is this: the Roswell crash and similar collapse is real. Were found humanoid aliens. As a result of these crashes we have employed reverse technology, which now take for granted, such as computer chips, lasers, fiber cables, lamps, light emitting diodes, infrared night vision, Kevlar, Teflon and Velcro.
In 1997, a book by Colonel Philip Corso, "The Day After Roswell" and fully confirmed all.

What will actually happen in 2012?

Some other sources of data, some of the ancient Indian, scriptures, and other knowledgeable witnesses to believe that a large energy shift in 2011-2013, will run a huge burst of energy from the sun. According to the Law of One, the Mayan calendar — a very accurate system for measuring the natural cycles of the Earth, the Sun and the Galaxy. He was handed over to another group of Mayan sixth density, helps mankind thousands of years ago.
This is a fairly spontaneous event. It will move us in the time-space, as does the Bermuda Triangle, and / or it will all happen in the form of passing through a "stargate." This is not a painful process. It is similar to the energy equivalent of sudden immersion in cold water pool. This is the greatest moment of spiritual ecstasy that we ever experience, and ancient mysticism aspires to it for many thousands of years ago.
If you really "graduating", most likely you will fall into the "space-time fourth-density" and stay with the Earth on a whole new plane of existence, which is about to be born.
If you are not "graduating", you will spend the rest of his life in the time-space of the third-density Earth that most people call "astral plane." Your next life will be on another planet, a third-density, specially created for the inhabitants of the Earth, which will need it after the third cycle of the density of the Earth. There is reason pologayu it would be Venus.

Modern factors.

Destructive earthquakes, 400% more than in the past (since 1973). Volcanoes spewing dust, smoke and lava, 500% more than in 1875. Tornadoes in unexpected places, such as Maryland, 200% more than 50 years ago. Unprecedented mega cyclones, sweeping everything on the coasts. Hot heat waves and winter without snow. Friar's lantern on the continents. Drought and / or unprecedented flooding. A growing number of endangered species. Heating of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Giant blocks of ice break off from the polar ice caps. Solar activity is so high that many satellites are not able to withstand sudden changes, stop working, tricking all previous expectations. Catastrophic changes in the Earth, such as volcanic activity and tornadoes, coinciding with periods of major events on the Sun.
Shifting the focus to the Sun, we find such an abnormal increase in the overall energy activity. A team at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory near Oxford discovered that in the last century, the total strength of the magnetic field of the Sun has more than doubled and was 230% higher than in 1901. And what is even more interesting: the rate of increase of the magnetic field of the Sun is constantly growing.
Prior to 2003, the two most powerful solar flares were rated X20 unprecedented and occurred in 1989 and 2001. Then in November 2003, an outbreak, estimated at least 200% more powerful than ever before — an enormous X40 or higher. As expected for such events soon followed coronal mass emission.



Dmitriev also reports:

"In general, all of the registration and supervisory means talking about escalating rates, variety, quality and energy heliospheric processes of our solar system." Let's remember that the heliosphere — is the magnetic field emitted by the sun around our solar system and beyond.
Planetary exploration Dmitriev shows to speed magnetic pole shift, climate change, earthquakes and cyclones in the world, an increase in the charge of the magnetic and plasma energy on other planets and changes in the quality of the atmosphere. In addition, some of the planets are noticeably brighter.


Pluto, the farthest planet observed recently demonstrated significant unexpected increase in dark spots on the surface.
Moreover, on Pluto increases not only the atmospheric pressure. Pluto for the first time is beginning to showsigns of weather.
"New studies reveal what appears to be the first signs of weather on Pluto — small variations in air density and temperature. Sicard Group found that the changes observed as protrusions in the graphs of data, called" either by strong winds between the illuminated and dark hemispheres of the planet, or by convection near Pluto's surface. "


Some scientists believe that the planet Neptune, recently there was a complete reversal of the magnetic poles. When probe flew past him Voyager, it was found that the magnetic field is inclined to the pole of rotation of about 50o. It is believed that this event occurred recently, since planetofizicheski speaking, such an imbalance usually lasts only a relatively short period of time. Also varies considerably mode luminosity and dynamics of bright spots on Neptune.
In June 1994, the Great Dark Spot on Neptune — round the atmospheric structure in the southern hemisphere on the familiar latitude 19.5o(As the Great Red Spot on Jupiter) — mysteriously disappeared. Figure shows how "saw" is the Great Dark Spot Voyager 2, before it literally disappeared.



In April 1995, the Great Dark Spot has appeared again … but … in the northern hemisphere of Neptune, accompanied by a bright clouds at high latitudes! NASA noticed that the new spot was "almost a mirror image of the first spot, shot by Voyager 2." This remarkable turnaround has forced NASA noted that "Since 1989, Neptune has changed drastically. New features indicate that due to unusual patterns planet looks quite different in a few weeks. " And more importantly for the HD Model, NASA acknowledged: "The energy of the sun changes the Earth's weather system. However, the mechanism on Neptune could be different, because the planet radiates energy in 2 times more than it receives from the dim distant Sun."


Voyager revealed: as Neptune, the magnetic field of the planet Uranus is inclined to the rotation axis by 55-60o.
It is believed that the simultaneous behavior of Neptune and Uranus, perhaps because, as Neptune and Uranus are magnetically planets. They both have a similar anomaly, suggesting recently occurred and have not yet balanced magnetic pole shift. In addition, the magnetosphere of Uranus showed dramatic, catastrophic large-scale buildup of tension.

While in 1986, during the flight of Voyager, Uranus, "looked as expressionless as a billiard ball," in 1996 it began to appear noticeable bright clouds, "almost as big as a continent on earth, and it is Europe," only 10 years or less! By 1998, two years later, in the upper atmosphere of Uranus Hubble Space Telescope has discovered almost as many clouds as seen in the entire previous history of the planet. One of the clouds was "brighter than any other cloud ever observed on Uranus."


At the most intriguing moons of Uranus observed unique geometric phenomenon, not directly related to any of the current selected changes, but points to the fundamental physics that underlies all of the changes in the solar system. The last set of images reveals a remarkable phenomenon — the physical process involved in the formation of satellites of Uranus — Miranda. This process directly confirms the hyperdimensional model. Made by Voyager 2 in January 1986, striking images of bright, clear geometric "shaped L" formation on Miranda (left) has very clearly and have no theoretical explanation in traditional geological models of education satellite or subsequent evolution. Look carefully, and compare two sides of the picture.

What is the chance to see a number of similar angles in such close proximity and relationships with rectilinear geometric perfection, if it was only "natural formation" (in the traditional sense)? Even a slightly extended nature of the two smaller triangles higher predictable, because the shape of the underlying geometric "patterns of tension" is projected on a spherical surface. Geometry is clearly evident, but without a theoretical framework, and the main reference to its origin shows that the largest observed "triangle" on Miranda is … or used to be …perfect equilateral. It seems that the "triangles" that are visible in the figure show the faces of regular geometric bodies —icosahedron,
— Which is formed like a football, with 20 facets. And each face is a perfect equilateral triangle. Taking a closer look you can see the image straight white line, which may indicate a fourth in a perfect triangle "ratchet" angular position immediately below the other two, and completely displaced by the same base angle. Another white line marked on the moon's surface, could point to the top corner of the fifth triangle, smaller than the others, with the same basic rotation, but we do not draw it, the image was less than messy. Though we did not try to simulate it here, note that the largest (and again, equilateral) triangle — is not just one line. This series of "nested" or "grooved" straight lines, to suggest that the "geometry of power" could rapidly expand (or shrink quickly), leaving furrows in the freezing ice and dirt.

Very important and seemingly pentagonal structure in the same layered ice to the east of the main triangular shape. In the next picture, taken by Voyager 2, we see the same multiple "nested" layers of straight lines on the right side of the satellite, which we have seen in the main area of the triangle. Seems that the angles between the lines are perfect pentagon — the second great, no doubt, a geometric " highlight "the smooth" cookies "with many visible layers furrows.

Moreover, if you look at the picture on the left, in the center "pentagonal" grooved structure, you will see an area in which there is your change — a different geometry, which looks like a straight line cutting, as if superimposed up of straight lines! Within this geometrical field furrows disappear and the surface looks similar to the rest of the surface of the satellite. Careful consideration of this "overlay" area also looks pentagonal, but slightly out of position (rotation) in relation to another pentagonal education. Thus, the "triangle" — is not the only "hrapovidnaya" geometry observed at Miranda.


Saturn recently observed bright colored auroras, clearly indicating the energy charge. Richard Pasichnyk directly links changes in brightness and solar activity. Most of the auroras near the poles is going, and infrared photography can be seen a significant increase in energy.

"Huge" is highly anomalous X-ray emission from the equatorial region of the planet, in contrast to X-rays that accompany the aurora, were first detected and localized on the equator of Saturn in 2004, Chandra, operating in Earth orbit. While it appears that the left image shows another "great spot" similar to a huge spot on Jupiter, in fact it is single shooting 10:00 Saturn rotation (about 20 hours)! Accordingly, the concentration of the brightness is not at the expense of a "great spot Saturn", and due to the geometrical factors of the process of obtaining X-rays. Brightest X-rays appear in the equatorial plane, and not in any other area.

Why are clouds on Saturn's north pole hexagon formed? None of the official science still does not know the answer. First discovered during the Voyager flown around Saturn in 1980, this phenomenon has never been observed in any other place of the solar system.

But by December 2009, the pole was illuminated by the sun, which made it possible to make new pictures. Photos were taken in visible light Cassini. This is reminiscent of the quasi-crystalline lens with the emerging "shadows." Although some are closed to us from the center of the image.


Since 1992, Jupiter's magnetic field has doubled its strength, overall brightness also increased. Dmitriev and others believe that the "comet" Shoemaker-Levy, bounce around the planet in July 1994, in fact, represented a number of luminous plasma formations. This would explain why the sequence of bright spheres moving along a long straight line. Once "plazmoidny train "struck Jupiter, it began to be observed" new states and processes, "including excessive production of plasma. then the excess plasma is released into the same matter as the solar coronal" holes "created glow radiation belts in the form of bands of width 13.2 and 36 cm, and large anomalies in the form of auroras.

In 1997, between Jupiter and volcanic areas of its moon Io formed tube of glowing plasma with incredible energy of the electromagnetic forceone million amperes. This phenomenon is a clear indication thatvolcanic activity caused by the release of energy in the luminous plasma core of the planet or moon.
In February 2001, NASA scientists observed Io, when the sunlight on it outshining Jupiter. They found that Io was brighter than ever before, noticeably radiant, even when it does not fall sunlight, forming "plasma torus" around the sphere itself.
Jupiter has an obvious pentagon surrounding the North Pole. NASA calls it a "quasi-hexagon" and does not see how obvious it is connected with the shape of a pentagon.
The area inside the pentagonmuch colder, than the area outside the pentagon. The orange color in the figure below represents the level of warmth.
If you take the shape of a dodecahedron and put it on the sphere of Jupiter, placing just one facet in the "holes" pentagon, you can see how perfectly they fit together. Did not take any adjustment or modification of any figure:


This is very strong evidence that the influx of etheric energy in Jupiter has to pass through the force field of a dodecahedron, to reach the destination in the nucleus.

And that one facet acts as a "gate" through which all energy flows, and the walls pentagon form a boundary, which prevents the energy dissipated in the surrounding area.

Then why is the inner region is much colder? Probably the smooth flow of energy in the faces of the dodecahedron prevents molecules vibrate as much as usual, keeping them in an organized pattern like ice crystals. Of course, this leads to a decrease in heat, because the heat — it's nothing more than a measure of the vibrations of the molecules.
As the next picture, Jupiter has a very clear energy patterns of the tetrahedron.
Tetrahedral vortex effect can be observed in the position and activity of the Great Red Spot — a hurricane spiral, located in the same place for over three hundred years, as recorded by astronomers since the invention of the telescope:

It was recently discovered study NASA, showing anomalous activity of X-rays just to the north pole. Every 45 minutes, like clockwork, in our solar system are released gigawatts of energy.
The following image shows how actually looks emission source — area pink. It not only is exactly at the North Pole of rotation of Jupiter (not magnetic, the North Pole), it also looks like the top of tetrahedron:

If we take the period of rotation of Jupiter and divide it by 45 minutes. Look out! During one revolution of Jupiter around the axis is exactly 15 bursts of X-rays.

In face of the tetrahedron three sides, the faces of the dodecahedron — five. 3 x 5 = 15. It is very likely thatX-ray bursts have to deal with two units of energy fields, rotating in the opposite direction and colliding with each other, which causes the release of large amounts of energy.


According to Dmitriev, the atmosphere of Mars shows some signs of change. These conversions have improved the quality of the biosphere. In the equatorial region saw an increase in clouds and the unusual increase in the concentration of ozone in the atmosphere. Moreover, in September 1997, the Mars Surveyor satellite collided with a 200% increase in the density of the atmosphere of the planet, which was previously calculated on the basis of NASA. As indicated by Dmitriev, high density flex One sunny matrix hoses, forcing the satellite to work poorly.

In 1999, for the first time on Mars in 20 years there was a hurricane. He was 300% stronger than any previously observed.

Although many would like to believe that such a rapid "global storm" — this is science fiction, a strong global dust storm came on the planet Mars, after only three months in 2001, which clearly shows the figure below. Official site describes the Hubble Space Telescope, this event as "the biggest global dust storm observed on Mars in the past few decades."

In 2001, the official media have called attention to the "global warming" on Mars, including the important annual loss of snow at the South Pole to the rapid erosion of certain characteristics of the ice. Interestingly, before NASA acknowledged that recovery icecaps involved some geometrical structure.


Land has already been discussed in detail. Now, remember that there are clear signs that the planet's atmosphere is changing. Changing the chemical composition of the atmosphere, and an increase in the average density of the clouds. In the Van Allen belts, new charged particles with qualities usually observed only in the emission from stars. Also, let's remember the 410% increase in the number of accidents (1963 to 1993), 400% increase in the number of earthquakes (1973 and 1998) and almost 500% increase in volcanic activity (from 1875 to 1993).

The basic measurements of the Earth, once considered constants, are quickly changing. A "constant" — the relative strength of the gravitational field of the Earth, measured in "gauss." To measure the strength of the gravitational field of the Earth a theoretical scale of 0 to 10 gauss, where 0 — is the weakest, and 10 — the strongest. By studying fossils and minerals, it can be shown that at certain times in the past strength of the gravitational field of the Earth was 10 gauss. 2000 years ago, it was 4 gauss. However, in mid-1998, fell to 0.4 gauss, and continues to fall with a truly incredible rate. Another "constant" — the frequency or rate of vibration of Earth's magnetic field. This value is measured in hertz.

For a long period of time, "heartbeat" of the magnetic vibrations of the Earth was 7.8 Hz. This rhythm is so important to the proper functioning of our bodies, which was included in the space missions for astronauts. For radiation on board this particular magnetic vibrations were designed small appliances (to protect the body from injury astronauts). Now we learn that the "heartbeat" of the Earth suddenly increased to 11.2 hertz, and in some places on the planet to 14 Hz! At that time, in 1996, when he shot his film Awakening to Zero Point, this value was 8.6 Hz. It is clear that the acceleration occurs at an incredible pace.
Moreover, a well-known fact that the Earth's magnetic field changes its polarity. Many people are well aware that the Magnetic North significantly deviated from the north rotation.

We never stopped to wonder how all of this is actually a strange and unsettling. Moreover, we now know that the deviation is changing faster than ever before. Over the past few years Magnetic North shifted so rapidly that to ensure a safe landing for the pilots need to completely redo the runways of airports. Everyone knows that the main navigational instrument for air — the compass, indicating where to magnetic north. Now, when it changes, in airports all over the world have to make serious and costly adjustment.

All of the above suggests that the Earth is rapidly destabilized. The gravitational field is rapidly losing strength, which means that gravity is not balanced. Increase speed pulses with "constant" 7.8 Hertz shows that Earth's magnetic field is destabilized or "range." And that's not all, the effects of El Nino and La Nina suggests that the interior of the Earth heats up mysteriously, as manifested in the oceans. All of this was predicted in the Ra Material in 1981 in the following quote: "As we mentioned before, the process (movement of the planet into fourth density) occurs with some inconvenience due to the energy of thought forms of your people, distorting the ordered structure of the energy patterns in the Earth spirals of energy that accompanied by an increase in entropy and waste heat. This forces your planetary sphere to create gaps in the outer cover, as long as it is appropriate for fourth-density magnetized. This planetary adjustment. "


A survey conducted in 1993 by scientists at Boston University, our moon has a sodium atmosphere and reaches a height of 9000 km. Mission Apollo spacecraft discovered in the atmosphere of the moon and helium atoms, then observations of the Earth (in 1988) was added to the list of sodium and potassium ions. Dmitriev says that this is evidence of growth "provisional" atmosphere as compared to the Earth's atmosphere, the atmosphere of the moon is a billion times less dense. If the atmosphere of the moon to compress to the temperature and density of the Earth's surface, it is packed in a volume of 64-meter cube. In November 1998, following the Leonid meteor shower huge tail of sodium gas, held at "a distance of at least 804,500 miles from the moon, has changed its characteristics for three consecutive nights." It is believed that this was due to hit the surface of the moon many Leonid meteoroid, also it could be the result of the energy of plasma effects.
Data on the development of the atmosphere of the moon always raises many questions. Sodium atmosphere was first detected Flynn and Medillo in 1933. In 1994, A. Potter, T. Morgan and L. Gillian repeated this technique with greater accuracy. As a result, it was found that the atmosphere extends over the entire surface of the moon. According to Professor Theodore I. Made of Rutgers University: "… there is too little data to support any explanation (the appearance of the lunar atmosphere), and no general agreement. Which processes are the most important."


Significant physical, chemical and optical changes observed on Venus. These include a sharp reduction in the number of pairs containing gases inversion areas of light and dark spots and a significant increase in the overall brightness of the planet. Kenneth Chang's article in The New York Times devoted to these changes, states: "Every time when scientists are looking at Venus, it appears that they are seeing something different, phenomena appear and disappear like the smile of the Cheshire cat. In November 1999, SRI International and Lowell Observatory sent a 10-meter Keck Telescope, located on Mauna Key, Hawaii, on the night side of Venus (eight minutes) and saw a clear green glow of oxygen atoms. "It was a real surprise," — said Thomas G. Slender, scientist SRI emission of oxygen on Venus as strong as on Earth in the oxygen-rich "Northern Lights."

The only possible explanation — a significant increase in the oxygen content in the atmosphere of Venus.
It was found that between 1978 and 1983 the amount of sulfur in the atmosphere of Venus critically decreased. Unfortunately, we have not found a decrease in the expression of that percentage. But to earn the epithet of "critical", it should be 1000% reduction of sulfur compounds … in just five years. This is a huge "global change" the atmosphere is attributed to a "hypothetical volcanic eruption", release the sulfur compounds in the atmosphere of Venus sometime before 1978 year (when the U.S. fleet of space ships arrived at the same time to measure the effects.) then this anomalous sulfur mysteriously disappeared from the Venusian atmosphere at very high speed. Importantly, this "volcanic" model can not be confirmed, because this eruption has never been observed, either in the telescope the ground or from a newcomer to the orbit of Venus spacecraft. Despite the glaring lack of a real observable confirmation of such a planetary event, NASA simply can not see any other possible cause of the global, the mysterious transformation of the entire atmosphere of Venus in just five years.
Another sign of the huge overall increase in the energy behavior of Venus was discovered in 1997. Measured in 1997 charged plasma tail, trailing behind Venus, was at 60,000% longer than when it was first opened in the late 1970s. It stretches almost to the ground.

Although articles on abnormal increases energy and Venus appeared in the media, none of them did not consider these data as another function of changes in the entire heliosphere.


Like the Moon, Mercury's thin atmosphere is observed, consisting of sodium, potassium and other elements. Traditional theories of long plagued with this atmosphere, since Mercury is very close to the Sun. However, it can be measured. This may also point to the emergence of a new "provisional" atmosphere. Pasichnyk reports that Mercury observed polar ice, which was considered impossible, given its proximity to the Sun.

Mercury has a surprisingly dense iron core makes up almost half of the planet's mass and a strong dipole magnetic field. Scientists would like to know how can such anomalies.
The information provided is every reason to believe that we really are going to the "Omega Point" energy changes. Time cycle of the Mayan Calendar (approximately 5,125 years) divided by the ratio of "fi" in "auric" period of time (which are much shorter in length) gives an end date "explosion inside." When each time cycle is coming to an end on Earth are enormous energy phenomena. All 21 of the strongest earthquakes to 856 AD exactly fit into the "bifurcation points" resulting from our rapid movement of the low-energy level in a highly energetic state. During these periods occur and the next supernova explosions of stars.

Aetheric model says at the end of spiral, in the shape of a pinwheel formations "Parker Spiral" in the galaxy, between different levels of air density will be discrete layers (the line formed between the oil and water). This border area naturally creates vibration disturbance which in turn, ripples spread in the air in all directions, based on a simple relation "financial".

Every time in the auric cycle we go through another turning point, we enter the discrete higher energy region. And the best part: all the world's population increases in exact accordance with the ratio of phi, centering in these moments. In these times of new born religion, spiritual beliefs, and new calendar system, killing large empires, and their deaths following relatively rapid political development. The last two "bifurcation points" — is 2003 and 2008, you can and assess.

This is just one link in a long chain of evidence to suggest that the density of air power is accepted, and the growing human consciousness, which is directly connected with the spiritual advancement. It is also important to mention the date of the final "point of explosion" when explode wonderful series of Dr. Smelyakov: 21 December 2012 — the final date for the Mayan Calendar.
The work of John Meyer Jenkins' Maya Cosmogenesis 2012? increase knowledge about why the Mayan calendar is aimed at December 22, 2012 as the date of transition. Perhaps this piece of information may be the key to understanding why our local area the "energy density" will reach its peak increase at a time. Jenkins made it clear: if you drive slowly precession Earth comes into alignment with the center of the Milky Way galaxy in the "triangulation point" in 2012.

It seems that many Mayan myths, as well as their impressive ball game, define this moment as the time when the Earth is fully aligned with the womb of the Cosmic Mother — our Galaxy. Obviously, the fold means the new birth, and through it we are going through, based on the detailed guidance given in the Cayce readings and even more in the Ra Material. Ra explains, all these cycles are related to our relative position in the galaxy, and our earth is definitely survive the new birth.

It was at this time, the Earth is a perfect "precessional" alignment with the center of the galaxy, which, as we now know,has a red shift is ten times higher than the observable universe in the traditional models.
It was at this time we are going through an imaginary line that divides the two halves of our galaxy and having the shape of a disc.

Like the Earth's equator which separates the northern and southern hemispheres, a line similar to the equator, which we cross the Milky Way shares the "upper" and "lower" the disk of our Galaxy. Since the planets in our solar system are connected with each other and with the Sun crosses the equator of our galaxy also provides us with a mystical energy source located in the center of the Milky Way. Such an arrangement, and it created the conditions indicate the completion of the great cycle, as indicated in the Mayan calendar.

The reason that many of Earth Changes have already occurred before the event, that we can not learn any other way. We need to break down almost as a civilization to come out of his stupor. Our lives — huge dreams, and the only thing that matters — everyday problems, money, relationships, work, paying bills, and so on. All this does not make any difference, except that the way we treat others. Although we can not ignore the fact that to maintain their physical bodies now we have to continue to go through the motions.

In the near future, in our physical world, the only value will be the extent to which we are prepared for the ongoing Earth changes when we are literally breaking down all systems. These events will help a lot more respect than we imagine, something to work with us. Many people suddenly understand the forces of change that we brought with us, and almost all will be covered by the fear manifest "the wrath of God." In fact, it is a natural karma applied with compassion and never offering an iota more of what we need to balance . It is designed as a learning tool.

Of course, it is clear that the Shift of the Ages — the name of the game, the whole theory behind all physically hopeless situations. In due course, we will start a private adventure, much more fantastic than you ever dreamed. None of the movie, no vision of the artist can convey the joy, beauty and peace that will be.

So, let's say you do not want to know the truth. We are talking about the evolution of the Self in the energy, harmonic and light levels, or about spiritual growth, since a lot of talk about it. By the nature of their goals, spiritual growth includes your own choices every step of the way, but he does not want the power to make you prepare for the New Era. If you continue to resist, and, in fact, miss all you are allowed to make such a choice. Perhaps you do not know what will happen. Without your free choice is not growth;you will automatically, who never learned anything or not, just move. Is this not said Nikola Tesla?

Evolutionary leap more personal than planetary. It is this focus does not see a significant majority of people watching the problems associated with the predicted apparent change occurring Earth. This is the step you need to take inside. In fact, the conditions of the larger world is not seen as external events. They are considered to be the motivation to become more involved in the process of personal growth.

The main problem of the growth process, we have in mind — the adoption of other people and a desire to help them, the desire to act for the good of others before perform any act aimed at the benefit of their personal benefit. Beginning to understand the true way of the universe, and that this universe is Oneness, we realize that helping others, in essence, becomes the means of our One Being, to themselves, to others throughout the world and, indeed, all of creation. And only in our illusory sense we are separate from the One, and believe that we can act first in awe at the service of their interests.
Undoubtedly, there is a physics of the process.

You can see how many others went before us. We can recall the knowledge of metaphysics Law of One, and realize that our personal destiny — individually back to Unity, one frequency at a time. But, no matter how much we would have struggled and fought with the world of third density, we can not imagine that it will leave behind. It seems that the whole idea is negated every living fiber and fabric of our bodies.

We know that after death there will be significant changes. Some people think that simply no longer exist. Others expect reincarnate again and will be running on a treadmill. Still others hope to enter into a static "sky", which will fly with angel wings, playing harps, drink the nectar of the gods is holy ambrosia. Fourth expect reunited with lost space brothers, rising to a higher level of utopian existence, where "all the way through ".
The truth is that we feel that we can not answer these questions.

We do not think that there is any way to "know" the answer to these puzzles. The harder we try to think about them, the more we feel powerless to explain the great mysteries of creation. Nowhere is there as much as in our minds, because we trying to overcome the fear of death. Many are afraid of death, because they do not know what to expect and fear the worst.

All you need — to make internal choice. Choice to accept that such a fantastic thing as a transition to a higher level can actually happen. We should all afford to dream about the incredible possibilities. Do we really want to stay on Earth forever, eternally reincarnate to again and again to play the same game? And is there a pattern? In our lives, we just noisily make their way, or is there a purpose for being here? Do the meaning and purpose of all the experiences and events of our lives, or are they just random circumstances?

Although we do not think about it in rational terms, we all know that in our lives have a purpose. We are not just born, doing irrelevant things, buy goods, despite advertising on television, and die. We — spiritual beings living heirs of divine wisdom, expanded itself throughout the cosmos. We have a soul, and we're trying to spiritually "rise." At some point we are interested in what it means to "spiritual growth", but all that we can see — it is associated with a greater acceptance of yourself and others. Internally we all know that "spiritual growth" — a movement in the direction of becoming more loving, love all.

But what is the purpose of spiritual growth, if it exists, of course? Are there plans for that time and again we have to repeat the same scenario? If reincarnation exists, whether time after time just to come to Earth and keep trying? We are not going to ever reach the completion point, the completion of his "spiritual growth"? Does life more than to be a man in a three-dimensional body? Are there open our physicists higher dimensions simply as "place" in the universe, or are they spheres of creation, as vivid, but higher than ours?

Do we dwell on the eve of the graduation ceremony? And if so, what does that mean? Could this be a ceremony going beyond the third dimension and its challenges? We all know how hard it is to be here and how many difficulties have to overcome? We can all see how many people there are in the world in disharmony, destroying ourselves, others and the environment. We can all see that we had almost destroyed himself to learn their lessons. And it now appears that, thanks to environmental pollution, earthquakes, weather disturbances, the economic crisis and other changes to the Earth, we have created for themselves modern world is fast disappearing.

Because everything has to be performed in cycles, if we can not see the reality in our solar system? Are we seeing the amazing synchronicity between the cycle, referred to a thousand years, and the actual conditions that we see in the present? As Maya can know what will be the conditions at this point in our history, as we get closer to December 22, 2012? Could we expect that all will be like? A few years ago people laughed at the idea of the changes that accompany the New Millennium, good or bad.

And yet now all seriously interested in the potential of big social changes taking place at very high speeds. Do we mind and dare to dream about something impossible? Are we ready to face the truth, to look her in the eye and accept the likelihood that something will happen? Are we ready for the most wonderful, grand, unbelievable, unthinkable, mind expanding the event of a paradigm shift in the history of human civilization? Whether to allow yourself to accept the position that it may indeed be true, or wearied minds back to "reality"?

Are we trapped in the clutches of daily work from 9 to 6? Do the monthly bills and annual taxes fixed structure of beliefs? Is not there a more inspiring and exciting boldly expand limitations of our minds? Take that — this is the reality?

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