Tungurahua volcano in Ecuador does not want to settle down

Another round of moderate activity registered professionals to supervise the activities of the volcano Tungurahua (Tungurahua), located 135 km south of the capital of Ecuador. In several parts of the province of Chimborazo, close to the colossus, yesterday noted the fall of ashes, after a series of explosions, as can be observed column gas and ash up to one kilometer in height above the crater.

Bitter Ruiz duty volcanologist tracking station in Canton Pelileo Guadeloupe, said yesterday morning over the top of the colossus was observed variable cloudiness and periods of clarification can be seen that the top of the mountain is covered with snow in some places. He added that on Saturday night was registered by mud flows containing large stones in the surrounding valleys, which did not cause damage to the roads. The provincial government asked citizens to refrain from moving on the highway leading from Canton Baños in Penipe.

Ecuador Today

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