U.S. prepares aircraft to eliminate the consequences of the storm Isaac

National Guard of the United States is preparing for at least 36 transport planes and 38 helicopters for possible evacuation and response looming in the south Atlantic tropical storm "Isaac."

Forecasters warned of the approach of a storm in the middle of the week. Currently, its epicenter is located in close proximity to Cuba, and will soon reach the coast of Florida. While tropical storm may strengthen to a hurricane.

"Despite the fact that the states have not yet asked for help, we are preparing forces (National Guard) in the Gulf of Mexico Hurricane first category. Expected, it will affect the states of Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. We prepared aviation units in the area that will undergo the disaster, and in the neighboring states, "- told reporters the head of the national focal point guard Matt Wessel.

He said that at present in a high state of readiness are at least three squadrons of military transport aircraft C-23 (at least 36 cars) and 38 helicopters.

"Command of the course, which the storm heading for the U.S., and trying to determine what additional measures may be required to eliminate its consequences. All soldiers of the National Guard in a state of preparedness for a possible deployment to the region" — said Wessel.

Operations team to prepare for the disaster Lt. Col. Al Gorman assured reporters that the command "ready for the worst-case scenario."

"If the storm strengthened, we will begin redeployment of troops (in the disaster zone)," — said Gorman told reporters.

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