Ukraine sent help Syria

Ukraine provided assistance to those who suffered as a result of Syria's armed attack. To do this at the expense of the United Nations listed funds, the press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The funds are to ensure the urgent needs in the camps of Syrian refugees who have been established in the territories of neighboring Syria. It should be noted that these nations to help refugees, but because of the ongoing conflict to do it becomes every day more difficult, due to the overall poor financial situation in the world.

"We hope that this action, which was implemented in our country, as a responsible member of the international community, will help to address the humanitarian issues of the Syrian population," — said the Foreign Ministry. According to human rights activists, victims of anti-government uprising began nearly 50 thousand people and that number is growing every day.

Currently, there is a big problem of Syrian refugees humanitarian aid. Agency for International Refugee Organization officially registered about 525,000 refugees, but the actual number UN estimates a million people.

Also, about 2.5 million Syrians were displaced within the country. Refugees face with the onset of winter is not only a problem of lack of clothing, but also suffer from a lack of food and water. For them, in most camps unless proper running water, so the Syrians quickly spread among a variety of diseases that are caused by unsanitary conditions.

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