Ukrainian writer against the conclusion Neklyaeva

Ukrainian writer Vasyl Shkliar in an interview with Ukrainian Service of Radio Liberty said that the artist should publicly express their civic position.

He also mentioned the events after elections on December 19 Belarus:

"Intellectuals should fulfill the role that she actually and performs. Another thing is that she can not just do, because we live in an information space occupied, and the voice of the writer is not easy to hear. (…) If you're looking at the statement of protest against our humanitarian policy or even political action incompatible with my perception, that all these statements see under my signature. I have never concealed his position as against the Belarusian events and before the conclusion, as I think the outstanding Belarusian poet and writer Vladimir Neklyaeva. I also signed the statement of protest. Another thing, that is not enough just to sign the statement, it is necessary to go there and test it live. "

Vasily Shklar (b. 1951) — Ukrainian writer and translator. In this he received the Shevchenko Prize for his novel "Black Crow" (2009), about the struggle Ukrainian anti-Soviet rebels in the 1920s.

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