Vadim Kabanchuk sentenced to 10 days

This is our radio reported his mother — Mrs. Taisa. Vadim convicted for participating in a protest December 19, 2010 at the Independence Square in Minsk.

Today in the morning Taisa Kabanchuk waited at the Moscow court trial son, but Vadim was not brought back. Friends called at the office all the courts of Minsk, but he could not do, which will be held trial Vadim Kabanchuk.

Only in the lunch phoned again at Okrestina, where they were informed that the trial took place and Vadim sentenced to 10 days.

I recall that Vadim Kabanchuk detained upon return to Belarus at the border crossing Stone's Log at the border with Lithuania as early as Sunday.

He had with him about 100 newspapers issued by Belarusian activists outside Belarus. The newspapers described the events in the country after presidential election. Customs officers seized during the inspection, these informational materials for examination and made the appropriate protocol.

The very first Kabanchuk held for more than four hours at the border, then called the police from Oshmyan and taken to the local police station, where the report was drawn allegedly resistance customs.

Expected that the judge will Vadim Kabanchuk Oshmyany court yesterday, but at the Secretariat responded that such a case they are not treated. It later emerged that the detainee was transferred to Minsk and judged only today. Details of the evening air.

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