Vasily Parfiankou. Portrait against a lattice

Seeing the name of the Company in the list of defendants in the case of the riots on December 19, I immediately thought of an eight-month vigil in Kurapaty, place of death of the victims of Stalin's repressions in 2001-2002. This short and seemingly invisible boy perhaps more all timeand held in Kurapaty, protecting the natural boundary of the construction of the ring road.

In the book "The road through the Kurapaty" (Book One reportage), published in the series "Library of Liberty. XXIstagodde "Vasyl Parfiankou mentioned on various pages of more than 50 times.

He was born August 30, 1983 in Minsk, Minsk graduated from 9th grade school number 163, worked in 7 avtaslesaram fleet of Minsk. Arriving at Kurapaty November 9, 2001 th, when the bulldozers brought down crosses, and riot police beat defenders of the tract, Basil remained in Kurapaty watch till the end of the memory 3 June 2002-th.

Vasily Parfiankou remained in Kurapaty and severe frosts and prolonged rainfall, almost burned down in the tent, which was set on fire unknown. Now I remember his hands, blackened by firewood and maintaining a fire, often hoarse voice … Basil was not too eloquent and pathetic, he could not speak well, and usually his colleagues often give interviews, "Freedom", which made every day 250 days a report from Kurapaty.

April 19, 2002. Vasily Parfiankou near the burned tent

Vasily Parfiankou just did what he thought was necessary — to protect the site of mass repression. He got the heavy dirty work, Basil was on duty in the hole around the clock, along with activists from the CCP BPF arrange well Kurapaty, was making crosses, prepared food. March 11, 2002-the year he told me in an interview about Kurapaty: "It can be said, my second home."

I do not know what he did on Basil. It is said that he went to the Maidan in Kiev to support the Orange Revolution. As the Human Rights Center "Viasna", Basil repeatedly detained, he was serving his time in administrative detention in Akrestsin for their social activities. He has collaborated with the "Tell the Truth", was an activist of Staff Vladimir Neklyaeva. Detained on January 4 as a suspect in criminal case the riots. Located at held in jail on Valadarski Street.

February 17, begins the first trial for Square. Of Vasily Parfiankou.

Basil, hold on! About you remember and support you …




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